Dive into an immersive B2C front-end experience with SERTICA’s PunchOut module, enhancing the efficiency of your procurement operations. Interact directly with supplier’s webshops, populating requisition positions through a seamless integration between platforms.

Especially suited for purchasing consumables, PunchOut minimizes error risks by automating the data entry process. Rely on suppliers’ pre-agreed catalogs, guaranteeing relevant and current data directly through your SERTICA system.

Direct Access to Quality Product Details

Experience direct access to supplier’s web-based catalogs through SERTICA. Access all product information provided by the supplier, such as high-quality images, in-depth product descriptions, detailed specifications and prices. The combination of this direct access and online pricing mechanisms ensures a streamlined procurement process. 

Key Features

  • Seamless integration with selected supplier catalogs
  • Direct access to high-resolution images, comprehensive product descriptions, and in-depth specifications
  • Automated shopping cart integration, transporting selected items back into your procurement system
  • Simplified purchase order and catalog management
  • Online pricing ensuring timely financial management


  • Streamlined procurement processes with a modern B2C front-end experience
  • Access to a customized catalog built on pre-agreed terms with suppliers
  • Complete transparency with data centralized in SERTICA
  • Minimized manual data entry errors with all data sitting within SERTICA
  • Efficient and accurate order management
  • Reduced procurement costs with real-time online pricing
  • Eliminate the hassle of double entries and re-typing
  • Shop at sea like you do at home

Experience the advantage of advanced integration features, enabling even smoother transitions between your procurement system and vendor platforms. We have an integration to Source2Sea and are ready to implement PunchOut integration for our customers’ suppliers on a case-by-case basis.

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For further information about our modules, please contact me.

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