We are specialists in maritime fleet management, and we work to optimize and streamline internal processes at leading shipping companies worldwide. With SERTICA, you can reduce operational costs across your fleet through digitalized workflows in Maintenance, Procurement, HSQE and crewing.

RINA has a global network of 4,000 talented professionals operating out of 200 offices in 70 countries. We constantly perform technology scouting for innovative digital solutions to support ship owners and managers in facing the new challenges their business brings.

We support ship owners and managers with digital solutions.



In 1991, SERTICA was introduces by the name “Logihold.” The software was developed to offer shipping companies a way to plan their maintenance systematically and manage their fleet effectively to achieve cost savings.

As many companies chose to take benefit from the new solution, SERTICA began to expand its functionality. A new solution for procurement called “ePos” was added and later upgraded to Procurement. Furthermore, the system began to adapt to the many new demands from our customers and evolved into a very flexible solution – for both the maritime and industrial sectors.

In 2008, the solution had a complete makeover and in 2011, the name changed to SERTICA. The new version mainly focuses on improving the efficiency and usability of SERTICA, and as a result, new modules and add-ons are continuously developed.

In 2012, SERTICA HSQE was developed, and users were given the possibility to make inspections, job requests and stock takes with their tablets and smartphones.

In 2020, SERTICA included Crewing modules powered by OMEGA.

Since September 2021, SERTICA has become part of the portfolio of digital solutions of RINA, a global corporation operating in the Marine, Energy & Mobility, Certification, Infrastructure and Industry sectors.

All in all, SERTICA attempts to create as much value for the shipping company as possible. Only by being able to live up to the many demands and wishes, can we improve our customers competitiveness.

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Our purpose is to bring together people, the planet and organizations to anticipate the challenges of the future and improve quality of life.

Our way to simplify complexities through our expertise, making what seems impossible, possible.

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The Danish maritime industry is comprised of shipyards, suppliers and designers of ships, maritime equipment, maritime products and maritime service. In short: companies that offer development, production and service to maritime technology.

We have more than 30 years of experience developing Fleet Management Systems and continue to be an active player in the maritime industry. Committed to staying abreast of industry dynamics we are members of various Danish networks for maritime companies:

INEXTIA – Cloud-based Maintenance System
INEXTIA is a cloud-based maintenance system (CMMS) that includes everything you need to administrate and fulfill maintenance tasks in your company – no matter the type of business.

Go to inextia.com

RENOMATIC – Waste Management
RENOMATIC is used by municipalities, waste companies and renovators to administer, settle and manage waste collection. The solution covers all activities from registration of customers to collection.

Go to renomatic.dk/kontakt 

FOTODOK – Photo Documentation
FotoDok is an app for photo documentation, in-depth review and quality assurance of everyday tasks. Achieve administrative time savings in the office as photo documentation is easily created via mobile. Simply send images and text to the FotoDok server from which you can access your completed report.

Go to fotodok.dk/kontakt


OPTIMUM is a modular digital solution to ease the fleet performance management. Through a Data Collector installed on board, it continuously collects data from ship navigation and automation systems, as well as directly from sensors if required (i.e. high precision inclinometers, torque meters, flow meters, etc.).



The vessel reporting forms on RINACube provide a user friendly interface for creating rule compliant forms or company custom forms in a single ship environment with easy reporting capabilities. Forms accept manual data entry, but can also be configured to be pre-filled automatically with the parameters available on the platform, e.g. ship speed, position, sailed distance, fuel consumption etc.

Go to RINACube Forms MRV-DCS.

We cooperate with several partners, who contribute to a more complete software solution for our maritime customers worldwide.

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