Logimatic has more than 30 years of experience built upon countless implementations of software solutions around the world. This has given us a unique knowledge, which makes us more than a system-supplier.

We see ourselves as your business partner as we utilize our experience and know-how to benefit all our customers. Our core competences lie within software development, system modifications, special applications, integrations, conversion of data, customized training and much more.

We offer great flexibility by custom fitting the solution to the specific needs of our customers. SERTICA is developed by professional software experts, who also complete the implementation and support of the solution.

It is our mission to deliver software solutions and services that increase the competitiveness of our customers. Therefore, we ensure that all of our employees’ expertise is integrated with the newest technologies to form the best software solutions on the market.

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SERTICA by Logimatic

SERTICA was presented in 1991 by the name “Logihold.” The software was developed to offer shipping companies a way to plan their maintenance systematically and manage their fleet effectively to achieve cost savings.

As many companies chose to take benefit from the new solution, SERTICA began to expand its functionality. A new solution for procurement called “ePos” was added  and later upgraded to Procurement. Furthermore, the system began to adapt to the many new demands from our customers and evolved into a very flexible solution – for both the maritime and industrial sectors.

In 2008, the solution had a complete makeover and in 2011, the name was changed to SERTICA. The new version mainly focuses on improving the efficiency and usability of SERTICA, and as a result, new modules and add-ons are continously developed.

Later, SERTICA HSQE was launched and users were given the possibility to make inspections, job requests and stock takes with their tablets and smartphones.

All in all, SERTICA attempts to create as much value for the shipping company as possible. Only by being able to live up to the many demands and wishes, can we improve our customers competitiveness.

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We put great effort into delivering uniform and high quality, and to execute efficient and competitive projects. Hence, we have been certified according to the DS/EN ISO 9001:2015 since 1998.

DS/EN ISO 9001:2015 concerns the Danish and international standards for systematic quality management.

At Logimatic we constantly strive to be the best possible workplace, with a combination of talented, passionate and innovative employees and a professional yet informal culture.

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