Are you planning to change your hardware, SQL-server version or operating system in the environment running SERTICA as a Cloud Fleet Management System?

We offer to host, run and maintain your SERTICA solution in the cloud. Our IT experts set up everything from start to finish, so you do not have to worry about system installation or configuration.

SERTICA cloud gives you quick and easy usage of SERTICA without the requirement of having and maintaining servers and hardware. We guarantee that all SERTICA users have access to a dedicated SERTICA system.

SERTICA Cloud Fleet Management

Cloud-based fleet management gives shipping companies a new approach to manage and control your fleet. It is a web-based all-in-one software solution, and it provides the possibility of accessing your fleet management system wherever you are.

You can use an app that directly integrate the actions of your crew into the processes of your fleet. Even as an offline application, you can handle tasks that require an interaction between land and sea.

For all employees as well as the crews at sea and external partners, centralizing all information would help you to drastically reduce the effort for data exchange. It eliminates the frustration of manual logistics, and helps you spend less time on local IT administration and daily backups.

Use cloud fleet management at any time and any place and receive the most important information and a current overview from any device (tablets and smartphones).

It is possible with the cloud-based fleet management to ensure even faster and more effective fleet management, flexibility with data exchange, data storage, information tracking and communication.

SERTICA as a Cloud Fleet Management saves you time on local IT administration and daily backups. We are highly motivated to make sure that you, as a customer, get the best experience with SERTICA. In short, we take care of everything to make sure SERTICA is up and running. As we have access to the system directly, it also facilitates easy support.

With the SERTICA in the cloud, you no longer need to worry about updating your hardware, operating system or SERTICA. You also eliminate the hassle of monitoring the uptime and use of resources.

You get all the benefits of using SERTICA and a dedicated IT department monitoring your application.

  • Fixed operational costs
  • No hidden costs for electricity, cooling and service agreements for servers
  • Faster and more efficient system services
  • No local IT-administration
  • No local servers required
  • Daily back-up
  • Secure data storage
  • No more restore policies
  • Plug & play access to apps for mobile users

If it is not always clear who is responsible for updates, operation and supervision in your company, you could consider letting Logimatic host SERTICA. We offer different options for hosting SERTICA:

  1. Hosting SERTICA at a professional infrastructure partner in Denmark at a fixed price.
  2. Hosting SERTICA in an Azure environment managed by a professional partner.
  3. Hosting SERTICA in an Amazon Webservice environment using AppStream. It gives you access to SERTICA directly via a browser.

For more information or questions regarding SERTICA cloud services, please contact me.

Hans Christian Jensen

For more information or questions regarding SERTICA cloud services, please contact me.

Rajesh Pillai

For more information or questions regarding SERTICA cloud services, please contact me.

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