SERTICA represents the next generation of maritime management. By harnessing the flexibility and power of cloud computing, we provide easy access to your maritime digital solutions.

From initial setup to ongoing maintenance, our IT experts handle everything, offering a worry-free experience. All you need is an internet connection, and you’ll have on-demand access to all our SERTICA solutions. We offer different cloud solutions such as the secure and reliable environment Microsoft Azure.

Why Choose Cloud?

Traditional on-premises solutions require maintaining servers, hardware, and intricate configurations. A Cloud solution eliminates these challenges, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: running your maritime operations seamlessly.


  • On-demand availability: Access from anywhere at any time.
  • Reliable Azure environment: Experience stability and security.
  • Future-oriented scalability: Grow and adapt with ease.
  • Resource scalability: Scale your resources to your needs, without unnecessary costs.
  • Fixed operational costs: No hidden costs for electricity, cooling and service agreements.
  • Eliminate resources: Free yourself from local IT administration and servers.
  • Plug & play access to apps for mobile users.

On-Premise: Robust and Customizable

For those who prefer more control over their system and resources, we also offer SERTICA as on-premise solutions. Maintain your servers, customize configurations, and benefit from a system fully tailored to your specific needs and security requirements.


  • Tailor the system: Fit your specific operational needs.
  • Full control and ownership: Manage your servers and data securely.
  • Security flexibility: Apply your organization’s protocols and standards.
  • Direct integration: Seamless blend with existing systems.
  • Operational stability: Maintain operations, regardless of staffing or unforeseen disruptions.
  • Avoid fall-outs: Maintain operations even in places with poor internet connections.

Whether you are drawn to the scalability and convenience of SERTICA as a Cloud solution or the control and customization of our on-premise solutions, we offer maritime software that aligns perfectly with your operational landscape.

For more information or questions regarding SERTICA cloud services, please contact me.

Hans Christian Jensen

For more information or questions regarding SERTICA cloud services, please contact me.

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