We are more than just software.

Our expertise is based on numerous software projects at shipping companies worldwide. Over the years, we have built a unique domain knowledge that makes us much more than a systems supplier.

We prioritize close dialogue, and get involved to ensure that you get the best possible solution. Besides the SERTICA software, this also includes proper training, structuring and perhaps converting existing data. We assist with professional project management, support and offer integration with third-party software.

Data Conversion

Since we acknowledge the great value of your existing data, we have made data conversion a field of expertise, and we assist a lot of customers in preserving and moving data into SERTICA.

3rd Party Integration

Our system integration specialists can always help integrate SERTICA to your current business systems. SERTICA includes out-of-the-box integration with several financial systems as well as third-party systems in crewing, dataware house and e-commerce.

Project Management

Project management is the discipline of effectively planning, organizing, and controlling resources to successfully complete a project within specified guidelines. It involves defining goals, creating a structured plan, and coordinating the teams tasks.


Training is of course most relevant in the implementation phase, but you should never stop improving. No matter if you are a new or an experienced SERTICA user, training is the key to success.


Our consultants offer the optimal support based on their in-depth knowledge and experience with our software. Support focuses on responsibility for our customers, response times and assigned resources that match your needs, and offering a service beyond the usual.

Customer Success

Customer success is about going beyond acquiring new customers and focusing on building lasting relationships. We here at SERTICA understand our customers' goals, provide the necessary support, and ensure that they get the most value from products or services.


SERTICA cloud gives you quick and easy usage of SERTICA without the requirement of having and maintaining servers and hardware. We guarantee that all SERTICA users have access to a dedicated SERTICA system.

Contact me to learn why SERTICA is more than just software.

Hans Christian Jensen

Contact me to learn why SERTICA is more than just software.

Martin Thomsen

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