We cooperate with several partners, who contribute to a more complete software solution for our maritime customers worldwide. The SYNC module allows us to synchronize data between SERTICA and other third-party systems to increase the level of automation.

About our Partners

Shipdex is an international Protocol developed to standardize (in xml format) the development and exchange of data. The protocol stands for business rules and technical specifications to assure a high quality of technical and logistics data, and the data exchange between shipowners, shipyards, manufacturers, classification societies and application service providers.

It enables equipment manufacturers and shipyards to structure, write and deliver technical manuals in an advanced electronic and standardized format, much easier and more effective to produce and to subsequently manage, compared to traditional methods of writing technical manuals using word processors.

Shipdex is completely independent and open to all the companies and organizations acting in the shipping market. It is maintained and improved by the Shipdex Protocol Maintenance Group (SPMG).

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ShipServ is the world’s leading e-Procurement platform for the marine industry serving both ship operators and suppliers. Helping shipowners and ship managers to find the best suppliers easily, trade efficiently and build trusted relationships. It helps suppliers finding new customers and markets together with serving their existing customers better.

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Source2Sea is a online sourcing marketplace in the global ship supply industry. They operates as an open multi-supplier marketplace that enables the facilitation of ship marine procurement and supply between maritime buyers and suppliers through customized online product catalogs. Source2Sea simplifies the processes involved in ship suppliers’ interactions with shipping companies, encompassing contracting, procurement, payment, and delivery.

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Martech Systems is a leading IT Implementation partner specializing in handling data and software solutions implementation for sporadic, non-core or specialist projects in the maritime and offshore industries. Their team consists of marine, mechanical and software engineers, who have vast experience in data and software solutions.

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Eye-share helps customers simplifying and optimizing the handling of inbound invoices and other documents by providing a software for electronic processing. The solutions are integrated with all leading financial management, accounting and procurement systems.

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Moscord helps buyers and suppliers replace traditional, inefficient and costly spot buying process by providing an digital purchasing platform and integrated marketplace for maintaining and increasing profitability. Here, bringing purchasers and suppliers closer together and eliminating unneeded steps in the procurement chain.

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IMPA is the leading association for marine purchasing and supply professionals across the globe providing a universal coding system to facilitate communication between ships’ crew, owner offices and marine suppliers.

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Sea Proc is a cloud based e-procurement solution for buyers and seller in the maritime industry providing a platform for efficient and streamlined management of purchasing activities and procurement requirements.

Established in 1984, Soft-Team is one of the leading providers of payroll and crew management software solutions for the maritime industry. Soft-Team serves ship owners, ship managers and crew managers world-wide and its employees have more than 75 years of combined experience within this area – achieving extensive and in-depth knowledge of IT and business aspects pertaining to seafarer payroll and accounting tasks.

The OMEGA software covers all aspects of crewing, crew planning, certificates administration, scanning of documents and payroll. All kinds of crew history and assignments can be registered and stored, e.g. onboard period, time at home, courses, sickness and travel.

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S5 Agency World is a leading shipping industry partner offering global shipping agency services and hub solutions. The company extends its passion for shipping beyond services and into innovation that matters. Combining extensive knowledge of the shipping industry and understanding of customer’s needs – S5’s own online port call management system – Simply5 was developed.

S5 Agency World along with Simply5, acting as the one stop solution for charterers, ship managers and ship owners/operators in local ports all over the world, S5 Agency World gives its clients total confidence and transparency of what is taking place with their vessels and funds. With a focus on the detail, S5 can deliver the best in shipping agency services, from cargo services to owner husbandry services to international hub services.

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