How does the SERTICA Fleet Management System work?

  • SERTICA provides a technical overview of an entire fleet. It is a database with a wide range of functions, modules and features for all areas of the maritime business. In SERTICA you can store your information, planning, maintenance, purchases, safety documents and events and the like. SERTICA secures a stable communication and data management between the main office and the vessels.

How can SERTICA help my company?

  • Often fleet managers rely on multiple incompatible solutions to optimize performance. With SERTICA, you can easily plan, execute and monitor the entire process in one single system. Display important KPIs in dashboards to get an overview of what needs your immediate attention. The wide range of compatible modules can be combined to match your company’s specific needs and priorities. Gain a competitive edge through digitalization with an agile partner encouraging your involvement in product development.

How does my company learn to use SERTICA?

  • After purchasing SERTICA, training and workshop sessions are scheduled. SERTICA training is targeted towards end-users and is offered as company-tailored sessions. Our SERTICA consultants are experienced in supervising training sessions and courses for different target groups. We conduct training for each department in the organization such as Procurement, Technical, HSQE and IT. Training and training material can be provided in English or Danish.

How much training does my company need in order to use SERTICA?

  • Depending on how many modules you include in your SERTICA solution, you will need 2-4 days of full training. We make use of the concept “train-the trainer”. This means we train selected employees, so they can do training sessions for other people within the organization. We also offer crew training.

Which Apps does SERTICA support?

  • SERTICA is completed by a variety of high-performance apps so that you can use SERTICA from anywhere in the world. These apps are our Approval, Inspection, Stock and SERTICA app.
  • The Approval app shows what needs your approval on your mobile device. This could be approval of purchase orders, invoices, jobs and event postponements or forms. You can also view reports, forms, and invoice documents when considering requests.
  • The Inspection app integrates the PC version of SERTICA Inspections & Audits with your mobile devices. SERTICA can create a very flexible planning with the possibility of reusing jobs for future inspections and thereby minimizing the time spent on planning.
  • The Stock app is designed to overcome the ever-increasing requirements of control and documentation through mobile devices. Stock-control is performed easier than ever before, since you can do inventory and adjust the stock level on the move.
  • The SERTICA app offers the possibility of managing maintenance jobs and forms through your mobile devices.

Which platforms support the Apps?

  • The SERTICA apps is designed for iOS and Android. You can get it from the AppStore or Google Play.

Is it possible to access SERTICA from any computer and tablet?

  • SERTICA is accessible through all computers with the program installed. If SERTICA is delivered as a Cloud solution, it can be accessed from a Windows computer with a secure internet connection. Some of SERTICA’s functions are available in the app. When using the apps, SERTICA can be accessed from any iOS or Android device with the app installed.

Is SERTICA a standard product or do customers have a say in what is developed?

  • SERTICA is sold as a standard product with the ability to buy add-on modules. Logimatic values the interaction with customers and we want to make sure that our users are heard. In order to continue developing SERTICA to include the features that our customers need, we perform surveys called “Customer Voice.” Here customers can participate and vote for features to be included in the next version of SERTICA.

Can SERTICA integrate with other ERP systems?

  • Yes. We aim to ensure that SERTICA operates seamlessly with your other systems. SERTICA also includes out of the box integration to ShipServ, SeaProc and EyeShare for e-commerce solutions and more are on the way. See a selection of our close partners.
  • If needed, our system integration specialists can always help you integrate SERTICA to your current business systems.

Does SERTICA support QR codes?

  • Yes. In the Inventory Management System, you can sort, group and filter your inventory and make use of QR codes to optimize your internal processes.

How often do you release a new version?

  • We strive to release a new SERTICA version every four weeks, however you are not forced to apply every update. Some can be skipped as the updates accumulates versions. We recommend updating at least once a year. You will be notified when SERTICA updates are ready.

What will happen to our data if we decide to stop using SERTICA?

  • The data is your property. This means that if you stop using SERTICA, you can extract all your existing data from your current SERTICA system  in an Excel file.

How do I get support?

  • If you have any problems or inquiries, help is never more than a phone call away. Issues are handled immediately by software experts, who know the solution and who can offer the very best guidance. We also offer consulting, training courses, and daily customer support from the people who have developed the system. Contact our support team.

Who do I contact to know more?

  • If you would like to know more or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

What type of data communication does SERTICA support (vessel vs. office)?

SERTICA supports three types of communication between vessels and the office:

  • File based – Transactions exported to folder for manual transfer.
  • SMTP/POP3 -Transactions exchanged using e-mail.
  • Web service – Transactions exchanged using the SERTICA web service. (This is the most used and recommended method.)

How much data is typically exchanged per month per vessel?

  • The average data transaction size per month per vessel is 30 megabyte, but this depends on each individual shipping company.

Does SERTICA offer SaaS?

  • Yes, SERTICA as a SaaS solution saves you time on local IT administration and daily backups. We are highly motivated to make sure that you, as a customer, get the best experience with SERTICA. In short, we take care of everything to make sure SERTICA is up and running. As we have access to the system directly, it also facilitates easy support. With the SERTICA SaaS solution, you no longer need to worry about updating your hardware, operating system or SERTICA. You also eliminate the hassle of monitoring the uptime and use of resources.

Does SERTICA offer on-premise solution?

  • Yes.

Can I freely choose and combine the add-on modules?

  • You decide what you need in terms of add-on modules. However, some modules are connected and cannot stand alone. We always guide the customer in finding the best solutions with the modules needed to solve the tasks at hand.

Do additional add-on modules require renewed installations?

  • No.

What happens with the SERTICA installation if we upgrade Windows to a new version (e.g. from Windows 7 to Windows 10)?

  • SERTICA will automatically upgrade at no additional cost.

How do I make sure we are using the SERTICA solution correctly?

  • In order to use SERTICA correctly, we suggest that you receive training, have an ongoing dialogue with one of our consultants and Customer Success Manager. We also facilitate network with other SERTICA users, and invite you do user group meetings and conferences.