The Analytics module is a unique tool that can be the perfect platform for creating key performance indicators (KPIs). It enables the comparison of costs and performance of individual vessels and the entire fleet. It also provides internal statistics and benchmarking e.g. a department. It allows extracting any relevant combination of data from SERTICA, which can be shown on-screen or exported directly into Microsoft Excel. Here, it is possible to graph and pivot data into included templates.

All data in SERTICA is grouped logically, and all fields have been translated into real-life terms, which are directly usable throughout your organization. The data in reports can be filtered, sorted, grouped, summed and compared.

Easy ship reporting

Creating a report such as the “Top 10 most expensive maintenance jobs” across the entire fleet or “compare seven sister vessels’ number of near-miss reports for the last quarter” can be done with only a few clicks. If you wish to subscribe to a report and receive it e.g. every Monday morning in your mailbox, Analytics can provide it for you.

You can access a unique office database with a 100% accurate copy of all vessel databases through the Analytics module. This allows you to access each vessel database and data across all vessels instantaneously. You can monitor and communicate KPIs across the fleet using the Analytics module.

Key Features

  • Monitor and communicate KPIs across the fleet
  • Compare the performance of vessels
  • Automate and simplify data collection and data processing tasks
  • Prepare management reports, summaries, statistics
  • Save and reuse templates
  • Extract any relevant combination of data from SERTICA
  • Export data directly into Microsoft Excel
  • Subscribe to receive user-defined and user-controlled reports


  • Easily customized reports fitting your needs
  • Efficient analysis of data
  • Fast identification of areas for cost savings
  • Easy identification of new business opportunities
  • Brings important information to the attention of decision-makers
  • Connects data from different departments or source systems to gain insight
  • Conclude fleet and vessel performance

The Analytics module is often combined with Dynamic Dashboards.

For further information about our modules, please contact me.

Hans Christian Jensen

For further information about our modules, please contact me.

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