The Activity Management module is a planning and follow-up tool for future and past activities related to the vessel, fleet, and organization. Plan all types of activities such as dockings, audits, and inspections and track their respective progress. The user can set up and save various overview layouts depending on the areas of interest. It is possible to switch between different overviews and look into specific activities for further details, action points, and status overviews. Activity Management also supports you in managing SIRE 2.0 inspections.

Fleet overview

A Gantt-style action board calendar shows all activities, which gives the user an overview of ongoing, current, and upcoming tasks across the fleet. An activity can be planned in different stages with both a rough time schedule and more detailed information.

When an activity is completed, users can register the result of the activity. For instance, the result of an audit could be some findings that ended in three non-conformities created in the Event Reporting module.

Key features

  • Overview of all activities (surveys, inspections, audits, etc.)
  • Overview of all events (incident reports, deficiency, condition of class, drills, non-conformities)
  • Planning and follow-up tool
  • Track the progress of activities


  • Easy overview of upcoming activities across the fleet
  • Overview of outstanding issues (activities cannot be closed with outstanding issues)
  • Alignment with SIRE 2.0 protocols

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For further information about our modules, please contact me.

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