The Cargo Record Book is developed for ships carrying noxious liquid substances in accordance with the provisions of MARPOL Annex II.

The digital logbook handles operations related to the loading and unloading of noxious cargoes. With SERTICA Electronic Logbook, your operations can be set up to match the noxious liquid cargo and ballast specifically.

By using electronic logbooks, every record is automatically stored in SERTICA, which supports you in proving regulatory compliance. This also reduces the administrative burden on the crew. Avoiding paper and manual processes improves the user’s data recording process and reduces errors.

Key Features

The Cargo Record Book Part 2 is completed when:

  • Loading of cargo 
  • Internal transfer of cargo
  • Unloading of cargo
  • Mandatory prewash
  • Cleaning of cargo tanks except for mandatory prewash
  • Discharge into the sea of tank washings
  • Ballasting of cargo tanks
  • Discharge of ballast water from cargo tanks
  • Accidental or other exceptional discharge
  • Additional operational procedures and remarks

With advanced electronic signature as per eIDAS European Regulations and additional antitampering measures, you benefit from the identification of any attempt to manipulate critical data.


  • Reduce the risk of releasing noxious liquid substances
  • Increase regulatory and environmental compliance
  • Reduce errors and optimize operations
  • Increase efficiency and transparency
  • Improve data quality with validation of all data entries
  • Improve data reliability
  • Minimize the risk of human errors leading to fines or nonconformities

The SERTICA Logbook function as a stand-alone system.   

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For further information about our modules, please contact me.

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