The Budget module is designed to handle multiple vessels, companies, and currency transactions. It offers up-to-date integrated financial data and enables easy information retrieval, such as outstanding payments and open purchase orders.

Monitor your expenses

Monitor expenses and budgets for the entire fleet with monthly reports comparing budgets with actual expenses – for the whole fleet and individual vessels. The module includes functionality to prepare and adjust budgets for the entire fleet. Budgets are prepared on a yearly basis, with costs allocated to each month.

Create forecasts and financial follow-ups

Create forecasts such as “Financial Year Estimates” or “Financial Outlook” for the remaining part of a budget period combined with information about the actual expenses. Perform financial follow-ups and report actual expenses when needed. The costs covered in financial expenses are detailed in commitments, accruals, and actuals for a complete and precise overview.

Key Features

  • Budgets for the entire fleet
  • Monthly reports comparing budgets with actual expenses
  • Adjustable budgets
  • Financial follow-ups
  • Overview of individual vessels and the entire fleet
  • Platform for creating OPEX


  • Optimized budgets based on valid data
  • Reduced costs through streamlined financial processes
  • Improved control over financial data
  • Timely and accurate operational decision

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For further information about our modules, please contact me.

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