The Crew Management module powered by OMEGA is a powerful engine designed to meet the most demanding requirements from global organizations.

The Crew Management module includes all you need to achieve an efficient ship operation and crew deployment. You have an informative database, crew history and reports.

The database includes crew information such as:

  • Personal data
  • Crew documents
  • Crew certificates
  • Contract information
  • Clothing information
  • Medical and vaccinations
  • Next of kin
  • Courses and certificates
  • Sailing history and sea service
  • Evaluations and appraisal forms
  • Payroll related information

The Crew Management module includes a detailed crew history, and every assignment can be registered and stored in the Crew Management Software.

You can enter information such as on-board period, time at home, courses, sickness and travel. Additionally, all previous sea services can be registered into the Crew Management Software including vessel types and position information.

The Crew Management module is MLC 2006 and GDPR compliant.

Key functions

  • Informative Crew database
  • Crew history
  • Overview of Crew availability
  • Crew planning and rotation
  • Access to Crew portal
  • Crew reports


  • Optimize ship operations and crew deployment to reduce TCO
  • Overview of all crew and crew activities
  • Efficient processes in one system, including fleet management, crewing and payroll

Crew Planning increases the efficiency

The Crew Management module allows long term planning based on each ship’s manning setup including information on board days, vacation, courses and travel days.

The Crew Management Software contains an advanced search routine, used to find the optimal crew members for a scheduled crew change. Items like valid certificates, leave, availability, and check for overlapping schedules are all in force during the system search – making Crew Planning easy and efficient.

Access Crew Information onboard the vessel

The Crew Management module includes a Crew Portal in which the seafarer can access information such as pay slips, company documents and contract of employment in an easy and highly secure way. The only requirement is an internet connection.

Often crew information is needed during the evening or weekend and via your phone, you have access to:

  • Crew contact information
  • Crew lists for each vessel
  • Crew at home
  • Crew on board
  • List of active officers
  • List of active ratings
  • Agent and other company contact information
  • Vessel contact information

A Crewing Software that allows you to set up intelligent Crewing reports

The Crew Management module includes a Crew Report Generator. Both the office and the seafarers can create new reports in the Crew Management Software or adjust existing ones.

Examples of reports:

  • Crew cards incl. biodata
  • Crew lists
  • Address and telephone lists
  • Lists of employees
  • Crew history and sea service report
  • Birthday and jubilee
  • Expiry
  • Medical
  • Officers: Who is where
  • Officers: Matrix (OCIMF / Q88)
  • Retention rate report (INTERTANKO)
  • Crew planning and crew change
  • Course and certificate
  • Course planning
  • IMO lists
  • Travel requests report
  • Long-term planning lists
  • Vessel schedule
  • Co-Sailing
  • Senior Officers
  • Next of kin

Integration between OMEGA and SERTICA

Strong integration between OMEGA and SERTICA saves the users a lot of administrative time re-entering information manually in two systems. The benefits include:

  • Automatic transfer of basic crew data from OMEGA to SERTICA
  • Automatic sign-on and sign-off in SERTICA
  • Automatic open/close of access to SERTICA for the crew members
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For further information about our modules, please contact me.

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