The Alert Engine module boosts fleet performance by triggering alerts for specific KPIs and geographical areas through its advanced Geofencing and Alerting capabilities. Utilize the module to create notifications on KPIs from applications lacking the native ability to do Geofencing or Alerting. 

The module features a map-based interface for easy geofence creation and editing by direct drawing on the map. You can also customize parameters like size, shape and location for each geofence. 

Customized alerts

With the Alert Engine, users can set up rules or actions for when a ship enters or exits a geofence. These can include sending notifications, triggering alarms, or pushing data to backend systems. 

As an example, you can create a geofence around a specific port, and set a rule that sends a notification to the operations center when a ship enters the port and the entries in the Logbooks are not duly signed. This can help you to keep track of your ships’ location and schedule and make sure they are ready in the case of Port State Control. 

Another example could be to set an alert for when a voyage CII rating goes above a C. You can set a rule that sends an alert based on specific KPIs, which can ensure you remain competitive. 

The module automatically sends alerts via email or chat, both onboard and ashore if a rule is triggered.  Additionally, it can retrieve and display company procedures and regional regulations as the ship enters specific areas. 

The Alert Engine streamlines the process of ensuring safety and compliance, making it an indispensable tool for modern fleet management. 

Key Features

  • Create and edit geofences 
  • Assign different rules, actions or triggers to different geofences 
  • Set up automatic notifications and alerts 
  • Display company procedures and regulations for compliance 


  • Track your ships’ location 
  • Increased safety with real-time alerts for critical events 
  • Support company procedures 
  • Assured compliance with regulatory standards 
  • Proactively adjust operations based on KPIs 

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