The Data Collector enables real-time monitoring onboard the vessel by automatically extracting operating and performance data connected to ship navigation and automation systems, or directly from sensors if necessary.

Additionally, manual input from the crew can be accommodated, with the option to configure fuel type input as either manual or automatic depending on the level of instrumentation and sensor reliability on board.

Measure your fuel efficiency in real-time

Examples of KPI:

  • Fuel Consumption [ton/hour]
  • Specific Fuel Oil Consumption (SFOC) [g/kWh]
  • Slip [%]
  • Fuel Oil per Nautical Mile [kg/Nm]
  • Speed [Knots]
  • Shaft Power [kW]
  • Shaft Rotation [rpm]
  • Torque [kN]

The Data Collector module grants a comprehensive view of recorded data, accessible from any PC on the ship’s network. Utilizing a user-friendly dashboard with a graphical interface, monitoring of data is made effortless.

This feature extends to personnel ashore, with cloud-based synchronization enabling real-time mirroring of both data and information onboard and onshore.

The module acquires measurements at customizable sampling frequencies, determined by previously established rules. It then filters and processes the data, storing it in a database for easy access.

Key Features

  • Real time monitoring of performance
  • Sensor information such as high precision inclinometers, torque and flow meters, power meters, entire systems like scrubbers and BWTS.
  • Monitor navigation data
  • Monitor fuel type and usage
  • Weather information from external data source


  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Improved performance
  • Remote management of physical assets

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