Keep track of your certificates

The Certificate module keeps track of all currently issued certificates across the fleet. It enables the planning of necessary renewals or verifications of existing certificates. It also tracks and manages the changes of old certificates. In SERTICA, you can arrange certificates into groups and notify the right people through assigned responsibilities when a given certificate needs attention.

Store your certificates electronically

The certificates are electronically stored in the database. When a new file is added as a certificate file, the name of the file will be automatically generated. Files created this way will not appear in the general Document Management screen but will be in the Certificate area, making it easier to access for the crew.

All electronic certificates can be located through the Certificate browser in SERTICA, regardless of whether you work in the office or on board the vessel. This enables you to find the physical location of a certificate and its expiry date or next verification date. Notifications are automatically sent when action is needed concerning certificates. With this, appropriate actions can be taken to ensure the continued validity of your certificates. When certificates are created or renewed, the electronic version of the certificate is stored in the SERTICA Document Management module.

Combine this module with the Activity Management module to create an even better overview.

Key Features

  • Store electronic certificates in SERTICA Document Management
  • Preview of necessary renewals or verifications
  • Arrange certificates into groups
  • Notify the right people when a given certificate needs attention
  • Find the physical location of certificates
  • Assign responsibilities


  • Easy and flexible overview of all registered certificates
  • Continued validity of your certificates
  • Never miss an upcoming renewal of a certificate

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For further information about our modules, please contact me.

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