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Vessel Maintenance Software

In this demo you see how easy it is to get a simple overview of tasks. With a few clicks you can activate, finish, print and follow the status of each task. You are able to show technical information and job orders, and SERTICA helps you change details in the job and automatically creates new due dates. This is only a short demonstration of some of the things you can do with SERTICA Maintenance. If you want a full demo of what the entire package can do for you, please contact us.
”Standardization allows us to better understand how to improve our maintenance tasks and significantly reduce the operating service costs of our vessels, thereby bringing better services to our customers.”

Roger Valencia, Group Maintenance Manager

“Since we have implemented SERTICA, the crew have experienced less repetition of work, fewer overseen tasks, and even less paperwork. We look forward to seeing how we will profit from the system in the future.”

Jan Gundestrup, Chief Engineer

“We often see different database formats and quality. Therefore, we have made a Master Data component structure, ensuring a common standard across the vessels. This means that our crew will see the same component structure regardless of which vessel they are assigned to.”

Stefan Pedersen, Fleet Manager

”My best advice to other companies planning to use the Forms module in SERTICA is to limit the number of forms to a minimum and build forms directly in SERTICA rather than using Excel or Word.”

Elia Papadopoulou, Administrator

Planned Maintenance System for ships

Preventive Maintenance is basically a type of maintenance that is done on a regular basis while the equipment is still functioning. The objective is to prevent failure, minimize the consequence of failure or assessing the risk of failure occurring.

In SERTICA,  you can plan all your maintenance activities and your Maintenance Team can use a simple app to perform their daily tasks and reporting.

You keep all data, history and tasks centrally and eliminate most firefighting. You can set up preventive maintenance triggers on critical equipment and use the run-to-failure strategy on non-critical equipment.

Implementing SERTICA as Preventive Maintenance Software, you get all the support you need to digitalize and optimize your internal maintenance processes.

Which maintenance strategy or combination of strategies is then the best match for your Maintenance Team? It all depends on the type of equipment you need to maintain. In this connection, it is important to choose a maintenance system with flexibility to match your needs.

Most maintenance systems are operating with several methods of scheduling trigger-based maintenance tasks – and you can even combine several triggers on the same job. Take a car for example, it may need oil change, and this is scheduled for every year or 20.000 km. The system then automatically triggers the due date for the job no matter what frequency instance comes first – date or km.

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Improve internal workflows and secure data exchange between vessels and office. SERTICA makes maintenance management easy and efficient. With the correct implementation, you will find that fleet maintenance management software vastly improves your day to day operations.

Eliminate manual processes as well as chaotic and uncoordinated collection of spreadsheets, documents and emails with our Maritime CMMS. SERTICA provides useful functionality to the everyday user as well as management tools for managing and measuring the success of the maintenance department.

  • Structured maintenance data
  • Efficient internal workflows
  • Reduced downtime with fleet preventive maintenance
  • Expanded lifetime on equipment across the fleet
  • Maintaining knowledge on equipment and machinery
  • Full inventory control with our computerized maintenance management system
  • Improved working environment, including task management and timekeeping
  • Secure data exchange between vessels, on shore and when in dry dock

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A Maritime CMMS includes various functions to optimize and plan your maintenance management to create greater fleet efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership. SERTICA supports scheduled maintenance, fleet preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and condition-based maintenance that is encompassed within one overall maintenance management system.

Plan and execute your jobs based on an advanced job list, which also shows the relations between jobs. Get an overview of inventory and components, which can be moved between vessels to reduce costs. Follow and act on your maintenance history and reduce downtime on equipment.

Designed for integration across fleets of different sizes, the SERTICA system is fully equipped to cope with the demands of small business and large corporations alike. With a robust engine that operates even in the most unstable of conditions, SERTICA gives operators complete peace of mind knowing that they have a CMMS that they can trust and depend on.

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Empower your crew with SERTICA App

The SERTICA App is a robust solution for simplifying maintenance tasks, ensuring compliance and maximizing uptime onboard. The mobile app provides features like personalized reminders, checklists, and inventory management with QR code. With direct access to maintenance tasks, you can optimize your maintenance routines.

Avoid downtime and optimize maintenance management with SERTICA.


Preventive Maintenance Triggers

When performing preventive maintenance on your equipment, you plan to replace an asset at a fixed interval regardless of its condition. This may be based on triggers such as time, usage or condition. See an example of the combination of calendar and counter triggers on a job in SERTICA.
Contact me to learn more about how preventive maintenance can improve your fleet management.

Hans Christian Jensen

Contact me to learn more about how preventive maintenance can improve your fleet management.

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