The Job List is the primary screen for most users in their daily interaction with SERTICA. The Job List screen gives an overview of all jobs due, overdue or activated within a given time period and allows necessary interaction with these jobs. From this central screen, all jobs are started and completed.

A search can be used to refine the selection of jobs based on time period, components, resources or specific areas. For example, filtering by class related jobs or critical jobs. The Job List provides an instant overview of each job and its status by the use of color codes.

Once activating the job, SERTICA delivers a work order report including remarks from the last completed jobs, job text, procedures, estimated spare parts and tools and estimated manpower. The Job List also provides the possibility for printing or viewing on-screen related documentation such as drawings, manuals, instruction videos, pictures etc.

Combine this module with the SERTICA App to manage maintenance jobs on your mobile device. Jobs can be exported to your mobile device – giving you, a complete and updated job list at hand at all times. The user can create jobs from scratch and use templates for standard jobs. It is possible to activate and finalize jobs from mobile devices both working online and offline.

Key Features

  • Plan, structure, and manage maintenance jobs electronically
  • Add spare parts
  • Create and finalize jobs
  • Read documents or add additional information to a job
  • Report to Management about completed and future jobs


  • Plan ahead and never forget maintenance jobs
  • Reduced production downtime
  • One screen to get maintenance overview
  • Create better working environment
  • Less stress due to unexpected tasks

Add safety procedures to the job list and comply with safety regulations

In SERTICA, it is possible to create safety procedures which must be carried out before a job can be started. It ensures both the safety of the employees and compliance with safety regulations.

An example could be to comply with the SKS-standards or requiring a crew member to wear a helmet before he is allowed to perform a specific job. However, a safety procedure is not limited to only one job but can be linked to several jobs in SERTICA.

When a safety procedure is modified in SERTICA, the modification applies on every job that the procedure is linked to. It simplifies your preliminary work prior to a job and entails that you save time. The safety procedures therefore function as templates which make it quick and easy to create jobs while complying with safety regulations.

In addition to the safety procedures, you can add mandatory forms that must be filled out before a job can be initiated. It could be work permits, measurements, or check lists which will be forwarded for approval after they have been filled out. This approval process ensures that the job is ready to be started.

Since the forms are stored in SERTICA, it eliminates the inconvenience of printing and scanning the forms and ensures that you always have the necessary documentation within reach. Forms can be set as mandatory both before and after the job has been completed, or both, and the process can therefore be adjusted to fit your demands and needs.

The safety procedures can be combined with the feature ‘secured jobs’. It provides you with the opportunity to mark those jobs that require the employee to be extra careful in relation to safety. It could be jobs that entail handling of toxic substances or ensuring that the main switches for the electrics are deactivated.

By using the ‘secured jobs’ feature, the selected job will be marked in yellow to generate attention to the potential risks. The enhanced attention combined with the safety procedures contribute to reducing risks related to a specific job and ensures the safety of the employees.

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