The Document Management module safely stores, updates, and distributes documents between office and vessels. It handles all file types e.g., Word and PDF, drawings, videos, and photos, which can all safely be exchanged across the fleet.

Documents may be related to safety regulations, maintenance procedures, technical information, instruction videos, procurement agreements, terms, and conditions, docking specifications or pre-defined Excel templates that the crew needs to fill in as a part of a maintenance job completion. A search function makes it easy for users to find the documents they need.

Automated version control

The module provides an automated version control that allows editing at both office and onboard vessels without creating conflicting versions. Revision control expands the Document Management module with the ability to process revisions of documents in a controlled flow. Document revisions are distributed automatically.

Requests follow a customized approval flow, adapted to the workflow in the specific organization. The approver can use the built-in compare-function in Word to see all changes, before approving or rejecting the changes in the document. Once approved, all changes wait in a queue until a new document revision is completed with all historical changes and a log of approvals.

Online access to your documents

The Document Management module has online access, so you always have access to the information in SERTICA. Document Management allows you to import and attach any kind of document to quotations, purchase orders, and invoices. With the additional web-access module, you can access documents online through a web browser.

Key Features

  • Organize and manage documents
  • Edit, share, and revise documents securely
  • Access documents online through a link
  • Advanced revision control
  • Change request management
  • Powerful document search
  • Confidentiality control
  • Automated document distribution across the fleet
  • Option to make documents as read-only to the vessels
  • Distribute procedures and checklists to the entire fleet simultaneously to save time


  • Efficient management and distribution of documents across the fleet
  • Centralized storage of all documents and files
  • Improved safety and increased effi­ciencies across your fleet
  • Easy access to important information
  • Critical documents are controlled and cannot be changed without approval

The Document Management module is often combined with Inspections & Audits.

For further information about our modules, please contact me.

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For further information about our modules, please contact me.

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