Include manuals related to maintenance in SERTICA

The Jobtext Management module allows you to create and manage extracts of Makers manuals as an integral part of your planned maintenance system. All documents and manuals related to maintenance are available in SERTICA and can be combined with your maintenance schedule and job descriptions. New vessels can easily reuse document extraction if the vessel is equipped with similar equipment.

Prevent reoccurrence of defects on different ships

You achieve the flexibility to revise jobs at fleet level and can structure components based on makers and model numbers. This means you can manage tasks and procedures for a given model in the entire fleet by categorizing maintenance jobs into procedures and demands from the maker, class and company. With Jobtext Management, it becomes easy to prevent reoccurrence of defects on different ships with the intelligence gained through a central database.

Ensure a uniform job structure

Jobtext Management assists in governing a uniform job structure by inviting to align jobs. Updates and job procedures are centrally managed, and automatically distributed to relevant vessels. This includes the distribution and management of service letters from manufacturers.

Key Features

  • Technical data available on board the vessels
  • Flexibility to change procedures and parameters on several ships at once
  • Advanced document management with a controlled document flow


  • Optimized Asset Management
  • Share knowledge on fleet level
  • Improved task performance
  • Prevent reoccurrence of defects

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For further information about our modules, please contact me.

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