The Item Certificate module is used to manage the certificates of each individual item from purchase to consumption. In addition, you can track and trace all items and their certificates for IHM. By including the item certificate management in SERTICA, it becomes a natural part of the procurement process.

IHM Management

With the Item Certificate module, you ensure that whenever an item is being purchased, the supplier will be required to provide applicable certificates, like e.g., Material Declarations, MED Certificates or Supplier’s Declarations of Conformity. Technically, it means that when a new item is procured, the purchaser can request the supplier to add the necessary certificates in SERTICA before making the PO and issuing payment.

Examples of typical items requiring certificates include life-saving appliances, marine pollution prevention equipment, fire protection equipment, navigation equipment, radio-communication equipment, mooring ropes, wires, lifting gear, pyrotechnics, chemicals, paint, and any items requiring certification in accordance with EU Marine Equipment Directive (MED).

By managing your item certificates in SERTICA, you can easily monitor the status of each item certificate in your Task List. This gives you an easy overview of which certificates are due or overdue. Furthermore, you can follow which certificates are awaiting approval, and monitor if any certificates are missing on request for quotes, purchase orders, and invoices.

Key Features

  • Manage and document items and certificates
  • Hazardous Materials Management
  • Track and trace all items
  • Easy access to item certificates directly on items and components
  • Batch control


  • Certificate management as a natural part of the procurement process and stock management
  • Stay in compliance with IHM regulations
  • Comply with necessary requirements digitally

The Item Certificate module is often combined with Certificate.

Comply with all IHM requirements such as Suppliers Declaration of Conformity, Material Declaration and EU Marine Equipment Directive (MED)

Different items may have different certificate requirements depending on their type. In SERTICA you can document and track all relevant data – making it easy to comply with the necessary requirements.

In the Item Certificate module, you can flag the items you wish to track in SERTICA and define how you wish to track them. It is possible to set types and rules in relation to Suppliers Declaration of Conformity, EU Marine Equipment Directive (MED), Material Declaration, Works Certificate, HM Declaration with threshold indication and more.

HM Management in accordance with the Hong Kong Convention ensures compliance with IHM Part I

Ensure and document adherence to the Hong Kong Convention regarding tracking of potentially hazardous materials (HM) onboard the vessels by adding the Item Certificate module to SERTICA. Define, manage, and track HM content in SERTICA to ensure that an item is tracked together with its corresponding item certificate.

Each component contains a list of the tracked item instances that are currently instated. By referring items to components as tracked items, you get a complete history of what has been added or removed together with an overview of quantity and batch.

You introduce batch numbers on items to keep track of your stock. Label printing includes batch numbers for the physical item. This ensures that stock management can be done precisely, and it is possible to adjust the quantities tracked on components manually or via a job in SERTICA.  

With HM Management you can control and document the scrapping of dangerous items such as asbestos, oil, gas, and dangerous chemicals. 

This will ensure compliance with IHM Part I.

Keep track of IHM inventory by generating reports in IHM software

If you use the Item Certificate module to track your items, it is possible to handle IHM inventory both for components and items.

Keeping track of inventory in an IHM software enables you to automatically create reports with an up-to-date detailed inventory of hazardous material. Standard templates for HM Management are available in SERTICA. By generating these reports, you can track exactly what is onboard your vessels and ensure compliance with Part I and III of IHM.

The IHM report in SERTICA includes the following data:

  • Item no.
  • Item certificate
  • Item certificate type
  • Quantity
  • Component
  • Unit
  • Batch
  • Location
  • History

Learn how to manage and document items and certificates in SERTICA.

You also get an introduction to the standard templates for IHM Management in Analytics.

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