The Maintenance API module allows integration into other tools and programs for building software. This makes it easy to build interfaces to SERTICA Maintenance without our involvement. With easy programmatic access to SERTICA data, you can use all maintenance data in any connected application – giving you extended possibilities.

Develop features or apps for SERTICA

Develop your own features or apps to make SERTICA fit your needs. Combine component data, job history and job lists with other systems. You may even combine it with IoT devices, which can report measurements back to SERTICA. Hereby SERTICA can alert you when it is time to do a maintenance job.

Develop an interface to Excel

The API module makes it easy to add or extract data between SERTICA and other systems. Another example could be to develop your own interface with Excel, resulting in receiving SERTICA data and messages directly in Excel. This enables you to create a job in Excel, which is automatically added to SERTICA. 

Retrieve data from Analytics for Power BI tools

For reporting and Business Intelligence needs, the Maintenance API gives access to retrieve data generated by SERTICA Analytics. This enables you to use SERTICA Analytics data in third-party reporting tools such as Power BI or similar.

Key Features

  • Simplified programming and interface to SERTICA
  • Develop your own features and apps for SERTICA
  • Integration to other systems
  • Use SERTICA data in other systems and programs
  • Generate data in SERTICA and display in any reporting tool


  • Easy development by third-party
  • Use maintenance data outside SERTICA
  • Full benefit of IoT and machine learning
  • Extended possibilities to combine SERTICA with connected applications

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For further information about our modules, please contact me.

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