Central administration of master data

The Master Data Management module centrally administrates data on jobs, spare parts, documentation, and components. When the same master data is used in several locations, it only needs to be updated once, which results in better data. Sharing these details, makes it possible to optimize maintenance and reduce downtime.

Uniform implementation and update across an entire fleet

Data can be constructed to ensure uniform implementation across the fleet, which provides easy commissioning, data management, and reporting across the entire fleet.

Central administration is relevant when for example, the same pump is used on different vessels. This allows for updates in master data, which is then distributed to the vessels instead of updating the same component on several vessels.

The module also gives an overview of the pump’s location, and by assigning roles to the pumps, you can centrally schedule maintenance jobs and administrate components according to their roles. This means that the same pump can exist in multiple places on a vessel but still have different tasks assigned.

Centralize data on main engine and procurement of spare parts

Master Data Management is mainly used in relation to maintaining off-the-shelf components rather than unique components, such as the main engine.

Procurement of spare parts can also be administrated centrally, which makes it possible for the vessels to use one central item list that is always updated.  

Key Features:

  • Create and maintain consistent master data in one place
  • Overview of which vessels have which components
  • Control distribution to vessels on the component level
  • Transfer the same component multiple times
  • Move components and stock between units
  • Control the function of the component


  • Easy maintenance of shared master data
  • Better data
  • Full overview of fleet assets
  • No forgotten components
  • Less administration costs
  • Maximized economic value of each vessel
  • Reduced breakdowns and downtime

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