The Voyage module offers advanced fuel consumption modeling to efficiently predict and manage fuel usage, even in varying conditions. With comprehensive data analysis, you can select the most fuel-efficient and cost-effective route for your journey.

Accurate weather forecasts

You have the flexibility to choose a weather provider that provides accurate and frequent updates, improving your route planning and decision-making. The module allows for real-time monitoring and route adjustments based on the latest weather forecasts to maintain optimal efficiency throughout your voyage. This includes factors such as winds, waves, and currents, which can significantly influence your voyage planning and fuel-consumption.

Plan your voyage with precision

Customize your voyage by setting specific parameters like speed, ETA, and no-go zones to enhance safety and efficiency. By monitoring severe weather, fuel prices, and speed restrictions, you can enhance fuel-efficiency and safety, as well as save time and costs.

Focus on decarbonization

Aligned with our commitment to sustainability, the module is designed to significantly reduce your ship’s CO2 emissions. It might surprise you, but often, the optimal route is longer. By achieving significantly less fuel consumption, it reduces your Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) in not one but two ways.

Key Features

  • Manage and monitor fuel consumption in varying conditions.
  • Include accurate weather updates in planning your voyage
  • Create customized parameters, such as speed, ETA, and no-go zones.


  • Improve route planning and decision-making
  • Save fuel and reduce costs
  • Reduce CO2 emissions

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