Streamline your vetting process 

The Vetting module is specifically designed for the tanker industry, focusing on enhancing the management of observations from vetting inspections. By centralizing data within SERTICA, tanker operators can not only respond more effectively to immediate observations but also strategize proactively for future vettings. This systematic approach ensures compliance with stringent industry standards and regulatory requirements, paving the way for optimized inspection outcomes. 

Seamless integration with industry standards 

SERTICA facilitates direct integration with leading maritime compliance entities such as OCIMF. This integration is powered by a dedicated web service within the Vetting module, capable of accessing and importing findings from OCIMF’s web services for any specified vetting inspection. Such seamless connectivity allows for swift action on follow-ups and remarks, enhancing your vessel’s compliance profile. 

Achieving a favorable rating with OCIMF and aligning with SIRE protocols are crucial for maintaining competitiveness and operational excellence in the tanker industry. With the Vetting module, your organization can consistently manage, act upon, and report essential compliance data, ensuring continuous improvement and adherence to industry benchmarks. 

Observation Management for SIRE 2.0 inspections 

Embrace the ease of managing observations from SIRE 2.0 inspections with SERTICA. Our platform enables tank operators to seamlessly register, categorize, and dissect observations directly in SERTICA, utilizing modules like Activity Management and Event Reporting.  The coherency between the modules simplifies the documentation process, allowing for precise recording and analysis of observations, underpinned by our robust cause analysis tool. 

Cause Analysis

By incorporating SERTICA’s Cause Analysis tool with the Vetting module, you enable efficient management of the inspection process. This powerful tool provides a comprehensive overview, enabling your team to connect observations to specific SIRE 2.0 inquiries and address compliance challenges efficiently.  

Pre-Inspection made simple 

Getting ready for SIRE 2.0 inspections has never been easier. SERTICA introduces capabilities that support pre-inspection activities, allowing for the SIRE 2.0 Questionnaire to be transformed into an internal pre-SIRE 2.0 Inspection and Audit checklist. This ensures that both vessel crews and operators are thoroughly prepared, well ahead of external inspections, boosting confidence and compliance. 

Key Features

  • Complete history of all past vetting inspections 
  • Inspection status at both fleet and vessel level 
  • Register, act and track inspection findings, also per inspector 
  • Transform the SIRE 2.0 Questionnaire into an internal pre-inspection and audit checklist in SERTICA 
  • Automatic import of findings and remarks 


  • Improved management of pre-vetting & vetting observations 
  • Ease of documentation and precise analysis of observations internally and externally 
  • Easily compare inspection data from OCIMF with records in SERTICA to identify discrepancies and areas for improvement 
  • Alignment with SIRE 2.0 protocols and better ratings with OCIMF 
  • Well-prepared vessel crews and operators during inspections 

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For further information about our modules, please contact me.

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