The Vessel KPI module efficiently integrates KPIs from various systems and displays them in a unified format. It provides a comprehensive view of your fleet, consolidating data about maintenance, safety, procurement, performance, and more. SERTICA KPI can also present overall status of compliance from classification activities.   

Collect, display and process KPIs and alerts from different vertical systems including both non-RINA and RINA applications.  

Key KPIs from RINA Applications: 


  • Certificate and Survey status  

SERTICA Performance 

  • Specific Fuel Oil Consumption (SFOC) & Fuel Consumption 
  • Trim Optimization 
  • Propulsive Power 
  • Equipment Performance Monitoring (identifying equipment operating outside established limits) 

SERTICA Vessel Reporting System 

  • Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) Rating 
  • Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) current year 
  • Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) last voyage 
  • ETS Emissions current year 
  • MRV Emissions current year 

SERTICA Logbook 

  • Outstanding master signatures on operations 
  • Last recorded date for an operation 
  • Bilge and Sludge Remaining Onboard (ROB) 
  • Generated Bilge and Sludge Quantities 

SERTICA Maintenance 

  • Number of overdue jobs 
  • Number of overdue jobs on critical equipment 
  • Spare parts below minimum on critical equipment 
  • Newly promoted officers onboard 
  • Newly embarked Master or Chief 

This module is vital in monitoring critical vessel data, from overdue certificates and maintenance tasks to logbook entries, ensuring that all pivotal data points are accessible from a single entry point.  

It supports the setup of real-time KPI monitoring tailored to different roles, departments, and user rights through dashboards in SERTICA Fleet or PowerBI. 

Key Features

  • Integration of KPIs from different systems 
  • Customized monitoring for various departments 
  • Efficient collection, display, and processing of KPIs and alerts 
  • Design and utilize customized dashboards for a personalized data overview 


  • Achieve an overview of fleet performance with integrated KPI monitoring 
  • Prompt identification and response to potential issues via real-time alerts and analytics 
  • Enhanced strategic decision-making 
  • Provide a dedicated high level KPI overview to your Top Management 

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