With trim optimization you can reduce fuel consumption and thus also reduce emissions. The key challenge is knowing the fuel consumption and optimal trim for any possible operating condition, based on factors such as speed, draft, trim angle and water depth.

The Trim Assistant module manages this information and combines trim optimization and the indication of fuel consumption in one easy-to-use, stand-alone software tool applicable to all types of ships.

The module can provide operational advice on how you correctly set the trim for the different speed and loading conditions. It shows the deviation between the current propulsive power and the one that can be achieved with the optimized trim in real time.

SERTICA Performance Trim

Trim is embedded into real time dashboards and supported by our team of experts who can carry out CFD simulations and assist you with detailed custom analyses.

Key Features

  • Trim optimization
  • Fuel consumption calculation and benchmarking
  • Analysis of the impact of loading conditions


  • Maximized fuel savings in any sailing condition
  • Enhanced vessel performance
  • Reduced emissions

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