The Ozone-depleting Substances (ODS) Record Book is developed for ships and platforms with rechargeable systems that contain depleting substances.

More specifically:

  • Any ship above 400 GT engaged in voyages to ports or offshore
  • Platforms and drilling rigs engaged in voyages to waters

Ships with ODS containing systems or equipment that are required to have an IAPP Certificate must maintain an ODS Record Book. You are required to record any related supply, recharging, repair, discharge, or disposal operations.

With SERTICA, you can easily record the data digitally to eliminate the paper burden and reduce the administrative time of your crew. It simplifies the recording of your Ozone-depleting Substances.

Key Features

Entries in the Ozone-depleting Substances Record Book are recorded in terms of mass (kg) and include:

  • Recharge, full or partial, of equipment containing ozone-depleting substances
  • Repair or maintenance of equipment containing ozone-depleting substances
  • Discharge of ozone-depleting substances into the atmosphere
  • Discharge of ozone-depleting substances to land-based reception facilities
  • Supply of ozone-depleting substances to the ship

With advanced electronic signature as per eIDAS European Regulations and additional antitampering measures, you benefit from identifying any attempt to manipulate critical data.


  • Reduce errors and optimize operations
  • Increase efficiency and transparency
  • Improve data quality with validation of all data entries
  • Increase regulatory compliance
  • Allow data availability ashore
  • Improve data reliability

The SERTICA Logbook functions as a stand-alone system.   

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