Register important documents

The Management System module registers the documents of one or more management systems in SERTICA. This could be Safety Management System, Quality Management System, Ship Oil Pollution Emergency Plan or any other system needing to control and structure documents.

Revision control and change requests

Integration with Microsoft Word allows users to edit documents easily, create change requests and compare different revisions of the same document. This module offers an accessible overview of the changes made from one revision to another.

The manuals can be updated continuously, as crew members and office employees can make a request for change. A full audit trail of all changes and revisions is available for the office. The vessels only have access to the latest approved and released version and revision of the management system. This enables full control of everything that goes into the system and prevents unwanted changes.

All change requests follow a customized approval flow, adapted to the workflow in the specific organization. The approvers can use the Word compare-function to see all changes made before either approving or rejecting the changes in the document. Once approved, all changes wait in a queue until a new revision of the Management System is published and the changes can be included in the live version.

SERTICA enables the possibility to identify and print only revised documents, thereby minimizing the amount of work for each vessel to update its system manual. A complete change log of all requests and revisions for each vessel is stored, making it easy to find all needed information in case new changes may arise.

High standards with constantly updated manuals

The accessibility of the updated manual helps everyone in the organization to follow procedures and guidelines, thereby ensuring high standards and stability.

All of the above is integrated directly into the SERTICA framework, which enables the automatic transfer of all data between office and vessels.

Smart search function helps find the right document

Another smart feature is that SERTICA can provide search results for specific words by looking into the actual content of the documents. This enables the crew to quickly and easily find documents and paragraphs containing words like “lifesaving procedures” or “fire evacuation plans” in the management system. The searched text is highlighted to make it easy to spot.

With the additional web-access module, you can access documents online through a web browser.

Key features

  • Control and distribute the Safety Management System and Quality Management System
  • Management of SOPEP (Ship Oil Pollution Emergency Plan)
  • Controlled copies
  • ROC (Record Of Correction)
  • Electronically formatted documents
  • Strict revision control with change request flows
  • Automatic distribution to vessels and fleet


  • Easy access to the entire Management Systems within SERTICA
  • Full control of everything that goes into the system
  • Quality Assurance
  • Prevent any unwanted changes

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