Reduce the manual handling of invoices up to 70%.

When an invoice is received, this module will automatically try to match the details of the incoming invoice to the existing purchase order in SERTICA. If they match, the invoice will be instantly approved according to the predefined approval matrix.

Invoices that do not match the purchase order will be transferred to the responsible employee for manual handling. Due to safety reasons, manual handling can also be used for invoices with high amounts that need approval from either one or two employees.

The invoices are kept in SERTICA with remarks of the mismatches found. When the responsible employee has handled the mismatches, the invoices can be approved directly in SERTICA. When an invoice has been approved, the related purchase order will be updated with a new invoice status as partly or fully invoiced.

By linking the procurement process with the financial department electronically in SERTICA, the system provides complete control and visibility of the entire life cycle of a transaction.

NEW FEATURE: Invoice Management API

We have added an API to the Invoice Management module, which makes it possible to add invoices created in other systems to SERTICA. This means that you have all the relevant information about technical management stored in one system, giving you the perfect overview. Contact us to access the API document available from our web service.

Key Features

  • Digitalize incoming paper invoices
  • Compare received invoices with purchase orders to do auto-matching
  • Automatic handling of PDF invoices
  • Full electronic archive of all invoices with process and approval history                                  


  • Full control and visibility
  • Reduced processing time and cost
  • Less paper administration
  • Optimized work and improved control
  • Improved traceability of invoices and approval processes

The Invoice Management module is often combined with Approval App.

For further information about our modules, please contact me.

Hans Christian Jensen

For further information about our modules, please contact me.

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