The Engine Record Book is developed for ships to keep track of pieces of machinery. With the watch and noon reports, you can track information on all machinery parameters, performance, maintenance, and malfunctions.

The e-logbook allows users to configure and add different parameters of their interest in SERTICA. This could be the running hours of machinery, equipment or the equipment’s features that are not included in the logbook.

Keeping track of parameters provides a clear picture of the ongoing working conditions and situation of the machinery on board. The Record Book is also highly useful during breakdowns for future reference and as evidence if accidents take place.

All recordings are automatically stored in the Engine Record Book, which simplifies the data recording process and enhances the reliability of your records.

Key Features

  • Track information on your machinery 
  • Noon reports 
  • Overview of running hours 
  • Configurable environment 

With advanced electronic signature as per eIDAS European Regulations and additional antitampering measures, you benefit from the identification of any attempt to manipulate critical data.


  • Data for preventive maintenance 
  • Reduce errors and optimize operations
  • Simplify data recording
  • Improve data quality with validation of all data entries
  • Allow data availability ashore
  • Improve data reliability

The SERTICA Logbook function as a stand-alone system.  

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