The Deck Record Book is developed for all ships to keep data related to the voyage, loading, and unloading of cargo and navigations. This could be trim readings, the position of the vessel, and weather conditions. This data is highly relevant as the record book functions as evidence in case of accidents and casualties.

The logbook may also include a record of navigational and pilotage events during the watch, the behavior of the vessel, and the change between hand and auto steering. Inspections, training, visits by various authorities, and emergency drills are often also logged in the Deck Record Book.  

With SERTICA, you can easily record the progress of a voyage, the details of loading and discharging cargo, and the narrative of all events affecting the management and running of the vessel. The Deck Record Book allows users to set their own mandatory fields matching your deck record book.

All data is automatically stored in SERTICA, which simplifies the data recording process and enhances the reliability of your records.

Key Features

  • Record of loading and unloading of cargoes
  • Record of navigational events
  • Record of inspections and emergency drills

With advanced electronic signature as per eIDAS European Regulations and additional antitampering measures, you benefit from the identification of any attempt to manipulate critical data.


  • Simplify data recording
  • Document accidents and increase regulatory compliance
  • Allow data availability ashore
  • Improve data reliability
  • Minimized risk of human errors leading to fines or non-conformities
  • Easy to maintain a deck logbook in a legible, factual, and punctual manner

The SERTICA Logbook function as a stand-alone system.   

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