Maintaining your yacht can often be time-consuming and expensive. SERTICA offers Yacht Maintenance Software that facilitates efficient day-to-day management and maintenance. Manage your yachts effortlessly with this user-friendly tool, designed to prioritize quality data, efficiency, and simplicity, all while ensuring cost-effectiveness.  

Yacht Maintenance Software

SERTICA Yacht is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that enables efficient data transfer between ship and shore. This adaptable solution is available as a cloud-based option for yachts with internet access. Alternatively, it can be used directly on the yacht with data communication to the shore.

Our software is developed to help yacht owners and managers ensure the maintenance of their yachts throughout the vessel’s entire life cycle.


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A software database must be intuitive, minimizing the time spent on searching for necessary features. Our system is designed with simplicity at its core, allowing you to easily navigate and find all the details required for each component. 

We offer our Yacht Maintenance Software with a standard data structure, including typical onboard components. SERTICA Yacht can even be installed at the shipyard, ready for use when you receive your new yacht. 

Experience a flexible and scalable database tailored to meet your specific needs. SERTICA Yacht allows for easy input, update, and retrieval of information regarding the vessel’s equipment and spare parts. This functionality provides a comprehensive vessel overview, ensuring that you are always fully in command. 

The shipping industry is facing many challenges regarding digitalization and sustainability. Driven by technical expertise and innovation, RINA Maxima is committed to safely and efficiently realizing our clients’ ambitious projects.  

To be a leading partner in the construction and management of custom superyachts, RINA Maxima offers a digital tool suite, consisting of core services and a highly qualified team of experts. Our service includes cyber security, noise and vibration classification, RIG Certification, and sustainability assistance. 

Establishing quality data verified by class can be challenging.

SERTICA Yacht offers a modern and dedicated software solution that provides ready-to-use data. It integrates with class society efforts like supervision, digitally enhanced surveys, and additional class notation for Planned Maintenance Systems (PMS). 

SERTICA Yacht is developed by an organization deeply familiar with regulatory demands, ensuring compliance for owners and managers.

Our service includes support from RINA-certified Naval Architects and Marine Engineers who understand the unique challenges of the shipping world. 

SERTICA Yacht offers a Fleet Dashboard allowing you to monitor important KPI’s.

In case you need more complex monitoring of performance, we recommend SERTICA Performance. This system includes a map with geofencing capabilities, along with options to activate weather layers and nautical charts.  

Users have the flexibility to customize the information displayed on the map according to their specific needs. Furthermore, the system offers in-depth insights into performance indicators pertaining to navigation, propulsion, and trim. 

Optimize yachting management by integrating SERTICA Yacht and SERTICA Fleet. Merge Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) seamlessly for a comprehensive view, including real-time compliance status from classification activities. Simplify operations and decision-making with SERTICA's unified solution.

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