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Vessel Performance Software

With the Ship Performance Monitoring System, you gain effortless surveillance of your fleet in real-time. The system features a map with geofencing capabilities and the option to activate weather layers and nautical charts. Users can customize the information displayed on the map to their specific needs. Additionally, the system provides in-depth insights on performance indicators related to navigation, propulsion, and trim.

Fuel Optimization Software

Ascend to a position of strategic advantage through data-driven solutions. Our modular software allows for the analysis of data collected over prolonged periods, aiding management in making informed decisions based on empirical evidence.

Utilize these data-driven solutions to optimize fuel consumption and machinery efficiency, resulting in significant financial savings for vessel owners and operators.

Despite advancements in technology, a staggering 90% of data generated onboard ships remains untapped, depriving operators of valuable insights and analytics that could improve performance and efficiency on a daily basis.

The Ship Performance Monitoring System allows for the analysis of data collected over a prolonged period, assisting management in making informed decisions based on concrete evidence.

These data-driven solutions can be utilized for optimizing Fuel Oil consumption and Machinery Efficiency, with the aim of generating substantial financial savings for the vessel’s owner or operator.

Additionally, the system allows for the monitoring of assets performance, the control of emissions and conformity to international regulations, as well as the optimization of service and spare parts costs.

The system also includes a dashboard for the creation of custom reports and engineering and data analysis services offered by the RINA Marine Advisory team, including the development of ship models based on collected data and implemented machine learning algorithms.

Lastly, the system improves safety with specific real-time alerts.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Improved monitoring of assets performance
  • Optimization of service and spare parts costs
  • Compliance with international regulations, including IMO GHG Emissions Reduction Strategy
  • Remote monitoring of physical assets

Enhanced safety through specific, real-time alerts.

Performance monitoring increases transparency between ship and shore or between business partners and it becomes a key to unlock hidden energy saving potential.

Transparency also affects and improves crew behavior, increasing their awareness and leading to better vessel operations and consequent fuel savings.

An important role in performance monitoring is covered by alerting capabilities that allow not only to detect missing data or data implausibility, but also to help both the ashore and the onboard operators to enhance efficient vessels operations and regulatory compliance.

The alerting system has proven great results in changing onboard habits and in supporting the application of company procedures.

Other benefits include:

  • Affect the human element to reduce fuel consumption and enhance safety
  • Automatically provide guidance to the crew
  • Correct inefficient vessel operations
  • Stay informed about vessel operations
“The dialogue and cooperation with the RINA team have been outstanding. Their deep understanding of vessel performance, combined with the comprehensive skills typical of a Class Society, have proven invaluable to us."

Andrea D'Ambra, Grimaldi


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