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19.10.2020 - Blog

What is Fleet Management Software?

If you already know what a Fleet Management Software is, you also know that it is becoming increasingly important to keep up with todays demands for digitalization.

With today’s situation, shipowners are under pressure to make operations leaner, cost-effective and more efficient. Therefore, it becomes even more important to find areas for improvement through ship management data.

To do this, shipowners and managers need a digital fleet system improving TCO as well as the safety and performance of their maritime business.

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Fleet Management Software digitalizes the shipping business

To achieve more efficient management of the fleet, the keywords are digitisation and connectivity.

Paper-based systems make your list of tasks as a fleet manager longer. They add more administrative duties and slow down your processing time.

By digitalizing the process with help from our technology, it is possible to lower the costs of documenting, sharing and analyzing data. Changing from a paper-based system into a digitalized web-based all-in-one software solution gives shipping companies a new approach to manage and control their fleet, wherever they are.

With a cloud-based fleet management software, it is moreover possible to ensure faster and more effective management of the fleet, flexibility with data exchange, data storage, information tracking and communication.

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What is Fleet Management Software, and why is digitalization so important?

Management software for the fleet is built to create and manage an overview of all fleet and asset information between the vessels and the main office. Employees in the office have one type of tasks such as procurement and hiring, whereas the ship’s staff, on the other hand, have other functions such as reporting and HSQE.

Regardless of the size of the fleet, it is important that all aspects of the business can effectively communicate with each other in order to make everything run as efficiently and seamlessly as possible, even though some are onshore and others are offshore.

Tasks vary from the engine room to the head office, but it is important that everyone collects their information in one place and follows the same processes.
Centralized knowledge makes all tasks easier and provides more effective results.

Coordination in relation to asset maintenance and spare parts is key. The superintendent needs a certain part at a specific time in order to do his job. The purchaser needs to make this happen by buying the part from the most attractive supplier and have the parts delivered at the right harbor in time. It is all a question of bringing everything together to create synergy. And this is where centralizing and sharing data is not only important, but essential to ensure a cost-effective and efficient process.

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How to simplify the processes in your shipping organization with a fleet management software

When it comes to a system to manage the fleet, shipping companies are increasingly challenged by customers and performance demands. Typically, the shipping company is using different platforms to manage all these tasks and processes, making the entire process more difficult.

Due to technological developments, shipping companies can now access it all in one fleet management system. And by using an all-in-one technical fleet management software from RINA, it revolutionizes the way fleet ship management operates and provides a strong foundation for solid company growth.

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