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03.04.2024 - Blog

TMSA in shipping

What is the Tanker Management and Self Assessment (TMSA)

The TMSA program provides companies with a means to improve and measure their own safety management systems. It encourages tanker operators to assess their own safety management system against listed key performance indicators and provides best practice guidance on how to attain appropriate standards of safety performance.

The tanker business is well known for its high demands to safety. TMSA i shipping complements industry quality codes and is intended to encourage self-regulation and promote continuous improvement among tanker operators.

As a tool for driving up safety standards, the TMSA has rapidly gained international credibility and acceptance and today, some 90% of operators use the program, including all the oil majors.

The TMSA program is developed by The Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF).

The 13 elements of the TMSA3 program

The TMSA program offers a standard framework for assessment of safety management systems based on 13 elements of management practice. For each element, tanker operators should carry out a self-assessment and rate their safety management systems, operations and practices against KPIs defined in TMSA3.  

The 13 elements are:

  1. Leadership and the safety management system
  2. Recruitment and management of shore-based personnel
  3. Recruitment, management, and well-being of vessel personnel
  4. Vessel reliability and maintenance including critical equipment
  5. Navigational safety
  6. Cargo, ballast, tank cleaning, bunkering, mooring and anchoring operations
  7. Management of change
  8. Incident reporting, investigation, and analysis
  9. Safety management
  10. Environmental and energy management
  11. Emergency preparedness and contingency planning
  12. Measurement, analysis, and improvement
  13. Maritime security

How tanker vessel operators benefit from TMSA

With increasing regulations in the shipping industry, TMSA helps tanker vessel operators to remain in compliance with existing and emerging maritime regulations to increase competitiveness. Furthermore, the TMSA program is the perfect tool both to reduce costs and achieve environmental responsibility, which is expected by the surroundings of the tanker vessel operators.

TMSA benefits:

  • Helps to drive up the standards of safety management systems
  • Encourages continuous improvement of safety management
  • Embeds a preventative approach to maintenance
  • Reduces the risk of incidents, delays and breakdowns
  • Lowers the insurance costs resulting in higher earnings (due to less incidents)
Illustration of TMSA Benefits

How can SERTICA assist your organization with TMSA?

Tanker vessel operators are encouraged to review and update their TMSA at least annually to ensure improvement. SERTICA simplifies and digitalizes this review.

By managing risks, safety and self-assessment in SERTICA using TMSA as a tool, you improve tanker operations and TMSA scores. Hereby, you ensure regulatory compliance and improve financial results.

The SERTICA HSQE software consists of several modules assisting your organization in implementing and improving the Safety Management System efficiently and proactively. SERTICA ensures that you are always in compliance and meet all relevant shipping industry demands and requirements.

With the Inspections and Analytics modules, you can continuously improve your tanker operation as you can identify your current status in relation to the TMSA stages by easily extracting reports.

The Vetting module offers the possibility to improve responses to observations made during a vetting inspection and thereby minimize vetting inspections.

The Risk Assessment module is designed to help users define, assess and manage operational risks to improve safety, security and performance of the crew onboard. At the same time, you achieve safety management objectives of the ISM Code and TMSA. Identify key operations for vessels and their potential hazards with risk assessment processes in connection with the execution of tasks during the daily operations.

New improvements and modules are continuously added to help tanker operators achieving the highest standards of ship’s safety.

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