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27.01.2023 - Blog

Navigating invoice management for your ship and fleet

Invoice management in the shipping industry includes a vast amount of data, vessels and personnel and it can be costly in terms of time and finances. Using software to help ensure effective invoice management, you can streamline the process from ship to shore.

When dealing with invoice management for shipping companies, there is a long list of factors that have an impact on whether the operations run smoothly or not. From the crew being able to request parts on the ship efficiently to office staff easily being able to handle invoices to sharing information with external stakeholders, a software system for invoice management is the helping hand that can streamline the process.

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Get connected with invoicing and shipping software

Procurement in the shipping industry is complex and involves multiple stakeholders, vessels and huge amounts of data. Manually invoicing is an inefficient use of time and resources because it leaves too much room for error and discrepancies. When it comes to invoicing and shipping, using a dedicated invoice management system will maximize financial performance. It is faster, more efficient and gathers everything in one place. These systems are designed specifically for the shipping industry to help manage the procurement activities and invoice management of your fleet.

Invoice management in the shipping industry: what to look for?

SERTICA Marine Procurement Software is designed specifically for the shipping industry to help manage the procurement activities including but not limited to invoice management of your fleet.

The software has a range of benefits. Here, we have highlighted three functions that are worth looking out for when it specifically comes to the invoice management side of your shipping company.

#1: Inventory management

With invoicing and shipping software, it is key to be able to manage information about components, locations, jobs, history, certificates and spare parts – and SERTICA helps you do this effectively. Inventory Management offers an overview of your inventory, which is essential when it comes to the maintenance and procurement processes of your fleet.

#2: Syncs with your ERP system

SERTICA integrates with your existing systems so you can easily synchronize data between SERTICA and your ERP system to increase the level of automation. This way, you have better financial control with purchase orders in real time and constant access to invoice information. This enables you to synchronize master data of your fleet with minimum effort in one shared data source rather than several individual digital and/or manual systems.

#3: Approval app

One factor that can significantly slow down procurement processes is ineffective approval procedures. With SERTICA’s approval app, the decision maker can reject or approve purchase orders, invoices, jobs and event postponements or forms at the touch of a button. You can also view reports, forms, and invoice documents when considering requests. The app includes several smart features, which we’d be happy to demonstrate.

These are just a few of the benefits of invoice management of your ship in SERTICA and we would be more than happy for one of our experts to show you the potential for optimizing the invoice management of your fleet.