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20.01.2021 - Blog


EU MRV made easy for Shipowners and Managers

EU MRV regulations on monitoring, reporting and verification of fuel consumption is top priority for shipowners and managers with operations in European waters as it is mandatory for merchant vessels above 5,000 GT calling at European ports.

To comply with the EU MRV requirements, shipowners and managers need to monitor, report and verify CO2 emissions in accordance with the methods described in Annex I of the Regulation. In addition, they need to monitor other relevant information such as distances and time spent at sea in accordance with rules described in Annex II of the Regulation.

The Monitoring, Reporting and Verification regulations aim to quantify and reduce CO2 emissions and create a new benchmarking system in Europe.

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MRV registration in SERTICA in 3 easy steps

Include MRV data in your fleet management system using the SERTICA Forms module. This enables you to collect and analyze shipping emissions data and fuel consumption in a customized MRV form.

Fulfil these requirements in three easy steps with an annual ship-specific emissions report created in a customised MRV form:

1. Each vessel reports the required data per voyage using the SERTICA Forms module

2. Using SERTICA Analytics, the emissions statistics are calculated

3. SERTICA makes emission reports available on vessel and voyage level with all the required data

Infographic about EU MRV and registration in SERTICA

This data can be used to fulfil the EU requirements around Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) and with digital reporting, you remove the need for paper or pdf reports to be submitted.

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A greener world with EU MRV

The aim is to measure and compare CO2 emissions from ships. Based on this data, you can make a conclusion of which ship (or the company) is greener than the other.