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03.01.2017 - News

Tarbit Shipping AB upgrades its Safety Management System with SERTICA

The Swedish tanker company Tarbit signs contract with Logimatic to implement SERTICA on its entire fleet.

Tarbit ship at sea dark clouds rolling in

Tarbit currently operates 14 tanker vessels and has ordered two new vessels, which brings them to a total fleet of 16 vessels in 2017. The tanker vessels transport bitumen, petroleum products and chemicals – making safety a critical issue.

The tanker business is well known for its high demands to safety. The Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) has a commonly known program called the Tanker Management and Self Assessment (TMSA), which is a tool to help vessel operators assess, measure and improve their safety management systems. Joakim Hermansson, Technical Superintendent at Tarbit tells, “With modules such as SERTICA Inspection and Analytics, we are now able to continuously improve our tanker operations and fulfil all relevant industry demands even better than we are doing today. As an example, we can easily extract reports on our current status in relation to the TMSA stages.”

Tarbit has signed up for a full SERTICA Fleet Management solution including maintenance, procurement, performance and of course HSQE. According to Ulrich Kærgaard, Senior Consultant at Logimatic, “A full SERTICA package benefits the entire organisation as they only have one system supporting most work processes. This results in an overview of the entire fleet across departments, which enables optimisation of internal work processes. ” Anders Hermansson, Technical Manager at Tarbit agrees and adds, ”One of the reasons for choosing SERTICA was that we no longer need to jump from one system to another – we get one system for all internal workflows.”

Tarbit has been evaluating the market thoroughly through dialogue with seven different suppliers. Anders Hermansson says, “Logimatic entered this dialogue at a late stage. At this point, we were very clear on which kind of system we were looking for and SERTICA matched our needs perfectly. This combined with the positive feedback we heard from other SERTICA customers contributed to our quick decision.  Logimatic offers a very good support and SERTICA’s data exchange is recognised in the maritime industry as being very stable. For these reasons, I am confident that SERTICA is the right tool in our mission to streamline our internal workflows and reduce the total cost of ownership.”

Hans Christian Jensen, Head of Sales at Logimatic says, “We are pleased to announce this contract with Tarbit, who is actually our first customer in Sweden. During my many years in Logimatic, I have never experienced a potential maritime customer act so swiftly and efficiently in the decision-making process. I guess it was a perfect match between Tarbit and SERTICA.” He adds, “Our first project meeting took place only a few days after signing the contract and I am confident that implementation will be completed during 2017 as scheduled.”

For further information:
Hans Christian Jensen, Logimatic: +45 24 45 34 38
Anders Hermansson, Tarbit: +46 304-60 00 42

About Tarbit Shipping AB
Tarbit Shipping AB has been transporting bitumen, petroleum products and chemicals since 1962. Tarbit is a flexible and customer-focused shipping organisation and is characterised by high environmental safety, a sense of responsibility and effectiveness. Its long experience has resulted in – invaluable knowledge in dealing with customers interests in safe transportation. New technology, experience and good seamanship are other important ingredients, which guarantee that the shipping company makes high demands of itself with regard to safety, quality and the environment. Read more about Tarbit.

About Logimatic
Logimatic is a Danish engineering and IT company with international experience of sales, implementation and support of in-house developed software solutions. SERTICA is a software solution for maintenance, performance, procurement and HSQE. It achieves cost optimisation, seamless communications, reduction of manual processes, and increased availability of information. Logimatic has more than 30 years of experience within both the maritime and industrial segment. Our significant experience is built upon countless implementations of software solutions around the world. This unique knowledge makes us more than merely a system-supplier. Read more about SERTICA and follow Logimatic on LinkedIn.