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25.03.2024 - News

SERTICA is now compatible with SIRE 2.0 

SERTICA HSQE is now updated to support the new OCIMF Ship Inspection Report Programme, SIRE 2.0. This update represents a major step forward in simplifying and enhancing the inspection process for tanker ship companies worldwide, aligning with the latest industry standards and requirements. 

Easy registration of observations made during SIRE 2.0 inspections

With this update, SERTICA users can now register and analyze observations made during SIRE 2.0 inspections directly within SERTICA, using its existing modules such as Activity Management and Event Reporting. This facilitates a smoother process for tanker operators to record, classify, and analyze observations accurately, leveraging SERTICA’s embedded cause analysis tool.

“I am pleased to announce that our users can now link observations directly to the relevant SIRE 2.0 questions, streamlining the cause analysis process,” says Troels Møller from RINA Digital Solutions. “This enhancement allows tanker operators to effectively manage the inspection process, ensuring compliance and operational excellence.”

SERTICA also introduces features to aid in pre-inspection preparation, allowing the SIRE 2.0 Questionnaire to be transferred into an internal pre-SIRE 2.0 Inspection/Audit. This ensures that vessel crews and operators are well-prepared ahead of external inspections.

Enhanced Photo Management 

The Inspections & Audits module in SERTICA has been upgraded to manage and maintain the required vessel photos for SIRE 2.0, ensuring a structured and fully traceable history log.  

“This functionality simplifies the process of managing compliance-related documentation, making it easier for our users to maintain a high standard of safety and efficiency,” Troels Møller adds. 

Digital Certificate Registry 

In line with digital transformation trends, SERTICA now offers a digital registry for vessel certificates, streamlining the management and sharing of critical compliance documents.  

This feature enables users to download relevant certificates in bulk and upload them to the SIRE 2.0 Certificate Repository effortlessly. 

Troels Møller is very happy about these new developments for SIRE 2.0 and concludes, “We currently have several existing users setting up smarter processes to simplify and enhance the inspection process in relation to SIRE 2.0 and I have received positive feedback from several tanker ship companies.”