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12.11.2019 - News

Logimatic supports Shipdex data in SERTICA

Shipowners use SERTICA to keep track of when and how the equipment is to be maintained, which spare parts are to be used for which maintenance jobs and management of equipment certificates. To improve the data quality in SERTICA, Logimatic has developed a Shipdex functionality to support both shipowners and equipment suppliers. 

The Shipdex import tool has been developed by Logimatic in the SERTICA software used by several Danish shipowners. By developing this import functionality, shipowners are enabled to easily import and map Shipdex files into the maintenance system. 

Valdemar Ehlers, Technical Director at Danske Maritime says, “The quality of ship maintenance databases can be improved by importing Shipdex files directly into the database. With this option now available in SERTICA, shipowners can import technical manuals and other relevant data from the suppliers and thereby reduce administrative costs.”

Data can be imported for a single vessel or as master data to be shared to multiple vessels. The data imported contains equipment details, maintenance schedules, spare part information and documentation. 

Mads Bentzen Billesø, Senior Project Manager, Innovation and Partnerships at DFDS tells, “The import of Shipdex files ensures correct recording and mapping of data thereby improving the overall data quality. We obtain the best possible equipment maintenance together with a dramatic decrease in person hours necessary.”

Standardization is always a benefit to the shipping industry as it significantly reduces cost, duplications, misunderstandings and errors. This is especially true when it comes to ships’ documentation. Too often documentation for equipment onboard ships lack specific details to allow unique identification of parts. This is where the Shipdex Protocol comes in. Christian Bækmark Schiolborg from BIMCO explains, “We have the ambition that specifications for newbuildings should include a Shipdex reference, that makes it a requirement for the yards to deliver all information and documentation electronically for the new ship using the Shipdex protocol.” 

Online export tool facilitates the adoption of the Shipdex standard 

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Although the Shipdex format has been available for several years, the standard has not been adopted by suppliers in general. Therefore, Logimatic also offers a software tool for suppliers to build and distribute Shipdex data. This means that suppliers can build data in an easy-to-use web interface. They simply need to follow a guide and fill in the fields in the web form. 

The tool will lower the entry barrier for suppliers dramatically as a Shipdex data package can be created with a single click. Even small suppliers can generate and supply Shipdex files to ship owners and shipyards on request, which makes the adoption barrier for the Shipdex standard smaller. 

Rasmus Hansen, Head of Projects at Logimatic tells, “Everything is ready in SERTICA to start using the Shipdex data. The suppliers and engine manufacturers have access to the online export tool and larger suppliers such as MAN and Wärtsila are developing their own export tools.” 

Peter Dan Petersen, Senior manager at MAN Energy Solutions concludes, “Using the Shipdex standard actively is truly an interesting development, which will benefit us all with better data and better access to data. We expect to start exporting Shipdex data to SERTICA by December 2020.” 


Watch how to import and export Shipdex data in SERTICA