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14.05.2019 - News

Carl Büttner Shipmanagement GmbH joins the SERTICA family

The Bremen based Carl Büttner Shipmanagement GmbH (CBS) signs contract with Logimatic to implement the Fleet Management System SERTICA onboard four tanker newbuildings.

Carl Buttner at sea

CBS has signed contract for SERTICA Maintenance, Procurement and Safety (HSQE), which means that both their technical people onboard the vessels and the people in the main office will be working in the same system.

Carsten Lehfeld, Project and Process Manager tells, “We need a system that works both in the office and onboard the vessels. It needs to be easy for our crew to use and shouldn’t be too complicated or academic. I see SERTICA as a user-friendly system with the same screen layout on all screens, which makes it easy to change from maintenance to procurement and for new users to adapt.”

Jens Elung, Project Manager at Logimatic adds, “SERTICA is a logical system with the same structure on all screens, so if you know one screen, you know them all. We will assist Carl Büttner in implementing a better data structure and update the existing tree structure to fit today’s challenges.”

Implementing a new Fleet Management System is always a good opportunity to clean data and cultivate an organizational culture with focus on data quality. Jens Elung tells, “We know from more than 30 years of experience that shipping companies understand the value of high-quality data, but often lack the time and culture to enter data correctly. I am convinced that we, in partnership with Carl Büttner, will succeed in increasing the focus on data, both practically and culturally, to improve the internal workflows significantly.”

Carsten Lehfeld agrees and adds, “I believe that Logimatic can bring us across the finish line, which combined with the modern look and functionality of SERTICA, is also the reason for choosing Logimatic as a partner. Especially our procurement department is eager to start using SERTICA and the many new modules to optimize our procurement flows.”

About Carl Büttner Shipmanagement
The Bremen-based shipping company Carl Büttner Shipmanagement GmbH – as 100% affiliated company of Carl Büttner GmbH & Co. KG – is fully responsible for the safe operation of the vessels of tanker owner Carl Büttner GmbH & Co. KG including Crew Management, Safety and Quality Management, Nautical/Technical Management, Marine Insurance and Purchasing of oil and chemical tankers. Carl Büttner GmbH & Co. KG is amongst the successful acting German tanker companies and responsible for all commercial matters e.g. operating and chartering of the vessels, for finance and controlling as well as newbuilding projects. As of today Carl Büttner has 10 ships in their fleet including four newbuildings of 38.000 tdw to be delivered 2019/20.