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03.12.2020 - News

Can one Vessel Management System truly fit all sizes?

Infographic about vessel management

Five shipping companies in very different sizes and segments have the past quarter signed up for the Vessel Management System SERTICA. When it comes to SERTICA, size really doesn’t matter.

It is not a question of the size of your organization, vessel or your fleet. What all shipping companies using SERTICA have in common is that they share one common goal: To achieve high performance and quality in ship management.

SERTICA is a highly flexible tool both as a system and as a total solution including consultancy and support. It meets both the requirements from a single vessel operator and larger shipping companies managing vessels world-wide from multiple offices and subsidiaries.

Hans Chr. Jensen, Head of Sales at Logimatic Solutions tells, “With the recent 5 new customers in different sizes and segments, I have realized that we have a very broad customer database. SERTICA truly do fit all sizes of shipping companies.”

SERTICA benefits all sizes

To achieve success with a system like SERTICA, the shipping company must be committed to high quality and documentation. They must also allocate the right amount of resources into building the right data and maintain these.

Hans Chr. Jensen, Head of Sales at Logimatic Solutions tells, “We have several examples of existing customers of various sizes who have all successfully implemented SERTICA. They range from single operated super yachts to the world largest bulk carrier.”

Lars Riisberg, CEO at Logimatic Solutions adds, “SERTICA not only fits small and large fleets but also international operations such as Svitzer, who manage more than 400 tugboats from more than 80 offices world-wide.”

How can SERTICA be economically beneficial to only one vessel?

SERTICA can be configured as a tool for asset management and maintenance planning only if this is what the shipping company needs. At a later stage, the shipping company may add elements from other functional areas of SERTICA.

At ASBJØRN A/S, the SERTICA system includes the Job and Stock app used onboard the vessel and the Document Management module used at the office. 

Roi Magnusen, Co-Owner of ASBJØRN A/S and Chief Engineer at HG 265 ASBJØRN tells, “My job is to optimize, plan and document maintenance on HG 265 ASBJØRN to avoid unforeseen breakdowns. With a single vessel, l do not need the entire SERTICA system, but only selected modules.”

Hans Chr. Jensen, Head of Sales at Logimatic Solutions adds, “We often experience that less is more – especially in the implementation phase. Shipping companies with a small fleet need a simple, economical and easy system.”

How is SERTICA scaled to the world’s largest shipping companies?

SERTICA can be scaled to deliver a full fleet management system consisting of a wide range of modules and features to fit even the most demanding demands in the shipping industry. New developments are continuously added to the system in corporation with existing customers.  

Euronav, one of the leading independent large crude tanker operators in the world, is using all modules in SERTICA.

Stefanos Christakis, IT Innovation Manager at Euronav explains, “We have high demands for our Safety Management System as it is critical for our safe operation. With our high focus on quality, safety and innovation, we need a system like SERTICA developing in the same pace as we do.”

Hans Chr. Jensen, Head of Sales at Logimatic Solutions tells, “Whereas a company like ASBJØRN A/S may only need a small fraction of what SERTICA can do, a company like Euronav benefits of full functionality.”

But what is full functionality in SERTICA? It ranges from dry-dock to document management and from OPEX reporting to pre-vetting inspections.

It includes planned maintenance, centralized supply chain, procurement, logistics and freight forwarder, budgeting, approvals, and class and IMO compliance operations for documentation.

It also includes certificates, ISM, SMS and QA system, IHM related tasks, risk assessment, knowledge sharing and communication across vessel types and fleet.

You get a central library for information with track and trace of all data including change and audit logs. Furthermore, you can add a data analytic tool for reporting and KPI’s.

Scalability in support

The SERTICA system can be scaled to fit every shipping company’s need and the same applies to our support. We have designed a highly flexible support to match any type of fleet, vessel and organization.

Hans Chr. Jensen, Head of Sales at Logimatic Solutions tells, “Our support is not to be mistaken for hotline support only – because naturally we offer this. We are talking support in qualified project consultancy, ongoing advice, best practice guidance, implementation services, roll-out assistance, administration minimization and cost reducing suggestions. We speak the maritime language.”

Hans Chr. Jensen, Head of Sales at Logimatic Solutions continues, “It varies a lot how much shipping companies want to outsource in relation to Fleet Management. Some prefer to do everything themselves, and then we train them to be able to be on their own. Others just wants us to take care of implementation, structuring, roll-out and training of crew.”