SERTICA is a Shipping Software offering a wide range of functions and features for shipping companies worldwide. Often fleet managers rely on multiple, incompatible solutions to optimize performance. Plan, execute and monitor the entire process in one single system.

Manage Maintenance, HSQE and Procurement in one system.


Shipping software for all departments

SERTICA includes a planned maintenance system designed to manage, monitor and document maintenance activities in all lines of business.

By structuring maintenance data, you reduce downtime and improve internal efficiency. Planning maintenance in the shipping software SERTICA saves you time and money.

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SERTICA includes a centralized purchase order system for the main office. Optimize procurement processes and experience a paperless and streamlined workflow. It provides functionality that covers the entire procurement flow while giving a clear overview of relevant data.

The vessel and the main office exchange all data, including spare parts and supplier information. This ensures that everyone has access to the most recent data.

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HSQE (Health, Security, Quality, Environment) is a significant area for many shipping companies. SERTICA Safety Management System benefits safety and quality throughout the organization and secures optimum work processes within your company.

SERTICA creates the best conditions for your facilities and crew while ensuring complete traceability and accurate reporting. It can adapt to operate with whatever standards and policies the company might have, which helps meet both legal and company requirements. The result of implementing this shipping software is a fleet in total compliance.

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SERTICA Crewing & Payroll powered by OMEGA includes a comprehensive and highly flexible office system and a unique vessel system for Crew Management and Payroll Administration.

You can manage all aspects of crewing, crew planning, certificate administration, and scanning documents from the office. It also includes all necessary routines for payroll and salary accounts.

Onboard the vessels, you can manage various administrative tasks to reduce the administrative burden. It includes rest hour management, rest hour planning tool, registration of working hours and overtime and port administration. Crew onboard can sign in and out, register appraisal results, add crew details and much more.

A Crew Management system addresses the needs of any commercial ship management company regardless of their business nature and location. It provides the necessary functions to manage all aspects of Crewing and Payroll activities.

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SERTICA Performance is designed to help ship operators monitor and optimize the performance of their vessels in real-time.

Ship operators can track and analyze various parameters such as fuel consumption, engine performance, and emissions, providing a complete overview of the vessel’s performance.

The system collects data from onboard sensors, which is then processed and displayed on a user-friendly dashboard. This enables operators to make informed decisions, leading to improved efficiency and reduced operational costs.

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SERTICA includes a Vessel Reporting System (VRS) designed to help you generate reports easily. The system  automates reporting, enhances data quality, and ensures compliance with regulations.

VRS it web-based and offers comprehensive reporting solutions, including EU MRV, IMO DCS, CII, and Performance reports, with the flexibility to create custom reports  and dashboards tailored to your specific needs.

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SERTICA Logbook supports shipping companies in collecting data to ensure regulatory compliance.
It is a user-friendly tool build to optimize the time dedicated to reporting activities and a tool that the crew on-board can trust and rely on in daily operations.

The software is capable of fully replacing the paper copy of register books and reducing paperwork on board. Data is easily accessible both onboard and ashore to demonstrate compliance to Port Authorities in case of need.

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SERTICA Fleet enables seamless monitoring of KPIs across various systems, effectively dismantling the silos created by diverse software used within your shipping company.

The system provides a comprehensive view that supports you in making smart choices and improving your operational performance. Display KPIs from all RINA and SERTICA applications, and even non-RINA, in one single platform to communicate with different stakeholders in your company and share tailored KPIs with different users.  

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Digitize and centralize your ships

Handle all shipping activities in one single system ensuring transparency and cross functionality.
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