Never stop training your organization

Training is important when implementing a Fleet Management System to make sure that your organization knows how to use the system and why.

We have identified the following recommendations to ensure a successful training:

  • Introduce the system to all users
  • Book extensive workshops for the office
  • Identify super users, who can act as internal trainers
  • Inform the vessels of the what, why and how
  • Communicate regularly with the vessels once the system is launched
  • Create simple how-to videos showing your internal workflows in the system
  • Train superintendents on a regular basis when ashore

Training is of course most relevant in the implementation phase, but you should never stop improving. No matter if you are a new or an experienced SERTICA user, training is the key to success.

We recommend dividing the training in different levels to ensure the right focus for each user. You could for example divide the users into daily users and super users within Maintenance, Procurement and Safety.

SERTICA Training

We recommend an initial onsite workshop session early in the project when the SERTICA solution is introduced. This will make the office aware of the most common elements in the system and identify possible new elements or processes.

Normally we recommend at least three days per functional area or department, but this of course depends on which add-on modules you have chosen.

Once the data implementation is close to completion, we recommend a new round of on-site office training sessions. This training can be conducted according to the policies of the shipping company, e.g. special approval workflows, mandatory fields and setting up reports.

The training sessions will be workshops with hands-on exercises. We offer the possibility to do the sessions based upon the shipping company data from the test environment for each relevant functional area. The training sessions can be completed with a test that the staff needs to pass.

After a certain amount of time, we offer additional follow-up sessions. This can be done on-site or remotely if your crew or office have specific questions to the system. This advanced training helps your users to get a deeper understanding of SERTICA, which enables them to see how to optimize your internal processes.

Many of our customers have internal SERTICA training programs for new employees. We help your training team to get started and equipped to carry out in-house SERTICA training.

We recommend that you identify super-users and system administrator, who acts as ambassadors of the system and can function as internal support in case of questions about the system.

We typically recommend doing “Train-the-Trainer” program. This is where we qualify you so you will be able to conduct internal training of your own crew, team and employees within the functional areas of SERTICA such as maintenance planning, incident reporting, safety management documentation, request for quotes, purchase & cost control, process improvement follow-up, etc.

To enhance the learning experience, we use a mix of hands-on exercises, live demo, video guides, manuals, quick-guides and PowerPoints. The training is made realistic and relevant by setting up a training environment that mirrors the customer’s SERTICA installation and data – and by using exercises adapted to the customer’s organization.

Training and training material can be provided in English, Spanish or Danish.

Contact me to hear more about SERTICA training and workshops.

Hans Christian Jensen

Contact me to hear more about SERTICA training and workshops.

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Contact me to hear more about SERTICA training and workshops.

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