If you prefer using SERTICA without the hassle of dealing with IT, our Cloud service is for you. With SERTICA Cloud, you can get all the benefits of using SERTICA without the pains of maintaining its servers.

Our IT experts take care of everything.

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SERTICA training is targeted towards end-users using SERTICA.
Training is offered as company-tailored sessions.

Our SERTICA consultants are experienced in supervising training sessions and courses for different target groups such as administrators, line managers, maintenance professionals and inventory managers.

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Data Migration

Data is of great value for any company! This of course is also the case for our customers. We experience that especially the task of migrating existing data can be a daunting task.

Thus, it has become one of our focus areas to assist our costumers in moving any existing data into SERTICA.

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Our goal with the SERTICA Support is to assist our customers in achieving as much success with their SERTICA solutions as possible.

By encouraging our consultants to specialise in solution areas and interrelated technologies, we build a level of expertise most services organisations simply cannot offer.

Strengthen your business by working with an efficient support team!

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SERTICA aims to provide the optimum work environment for its users. To promote this, we have integrated SERTICA with Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, Visma, SUN and several other third party systems.

With the aid of SYNC, the synchronisation of master data only requires a minimum of effort.

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