We are always working hard to improve the experience of our users and we are excited to present SERTICA’s new layout. We have not only introduced new colours and icons, but also functional improvements.

New Features

A new design of the menu allows you to easily navigate between the Main Menu and Favourites. At the same time, you can still find the Task List, Action Board, Analytics and other relevant action buttons at the bottom of the menu.

The toolbar has been moved closer to the center of the screen. Important buttons such as New and Save are now more visible with a green and blue color indicating when they are active.


The new Change View button can be found to the right side of certain screens in the new layout. You can change between Detailed View and Quick View to see all your data at a glance. Quick View allows you to double click on an element to open the Detail tab automatically. Be more efficient in your work, even while working from a laptop.

Watch the video introduction (remember audio)

Please contact me if you have any questions about the new layout.

Dan Mørkbak Sørensen

RINA Digital Solutions
Sofiendalsvej 5B
DK-9200 Aalborg
+45 7214 1214