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Today’s market exposes shipping companies to challenges on the bottom line, and technically managing a fleet of 50 highly sophisticated chemical tankers is a challenging task. Success in overcoming these challenges requires a great operational performance and an efficient use of resources.

A key aspect in achieving operational excellence is the company’s choice of Fleet Management system. Nordic Tankers aims for the ideal platform for safety and efficiency to operate their chemical tankers – and with SERTICA they feel well prepared for the future.

Marine Application Manager at Nordic Tankers, Bjarne Jørgensen Juhl says: “We wanted to improve the efficiency on our fleet significantly. We needed a fleet management system, which prepared us for the future demands in the market and which we are certain can continuously optimize our platform.”

Whatever the future holds

Nordic Tankers’ aim is to be the ideal platform for consolidation of the chemical tanker segment below 25,000 dwt and to be among the most profitable in the industry. With a culture based on safety and winning, Nordic Tankers wishes to optimize the business in order to ensure a continuous profitable growth. 

In 2012 the activities of Nordic Tankers and herning Shipping were combined, bringing changes to the company. Nordic Tankers has since then invested highly in safety and in having the best people, supported by modern IT infrastructure required for operational excellence.

Nordic Tankers chose the SERTICA system for maintenance, procurement and fleet management.  Bjarne Jørgensen Juhl says, “When we developed our own in-house technical department in 2005, we experienced how many aspects that needs to be controlled and found a need for an intuitive and accessible fleet management system – and for this SERTICA surely fits our needs.”

Procedures and guidelines

With head office in Copenhagen and multiple offices around the world, Nordic Tankers employs more than 200 people ashore and 1450 at sea. Communication is a vital factor to ensure that work procedures are in compliance with the actual completed work.

As safety and communication are of high importance Nordic Tankers, have chosen to invest in the newly developed SERTICA Management Systems – thereby being pioneers in using this new module for SERTICA. The Management Systems module categorizes and manages documents in SERTICA, keeping the entire system manuals available and up to date.

The accessibility of the updated manual helps everyone in the organization to follow procedures and guidelines, ensuring high standards. Furthermore employees can request for changes in the specific documents, which, if accepted in the approval flow, will queue the update until next revision. The change requests can even be prioritized by how critical the request is, which can affect the request to be updated sooner.

With SERTICA the entire fleet has the latest updates, and everything can be monitored and managed closely for immediate improvements.


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"Maintenance is basically about knowledge-sharing. This is why it is important that a maintenance system is very user-friendly and that it can be adapted to your company culture. Your company does not need to adapt to the system, and this was one of the reasons why we chose SERTICA Maintenance. We now have a system that’s very user-friendly and flexible, which means we can adapt it to our practice and needs."

Jørgen Holm Madsen

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