Maintenance problems are often fixed onboard the ships as they arise without proper documentation. This urgency and lack of overview causes unnecessary downtime and costs companies a lot of money. SERTICA provides an innovative, reliable and simple Maintenance Management Software (Fleet CMMS Software).

Avoid downtime and optimize asset management with SERTICA.


Fleet CMMS Software

In this demo you see how easy it is to get a simple overview of tasks. With a few clicks you can activate, finish, print and follow the status of each task. You are able to show technical information and job orders, and SERTICA Fleet CMMS Software helps you change details in the job and automatically creates new due dates. This is only a short demonstration of some of the things you can do with SERTICA Maintenance. If you want a full demo of what the entire package can do for you, please contact us.

Maintenance Management Software

Improve internal workflows and secure data exchange between vessels and office. SERTICA makes maintenance management easy and efficient. With the correct implementation, you will find that fleet maintenance management software vastly improves your day to day operations.

Eliminate manual processes as well as chaotic and uncoordinated collection of spreadsheets, documents and emails with our Fleet CMMS. SERTICA provides useful functionality to the everyday user as well as management tools for managing and measuring the success of the maintenance department.


  • Structured maintenance data
  • Efficient internal workflows
  • Reduced downtime with fleet preventive maintenance
  • Expanded lifetime on equipment across the fleet
  • Maintaining knowledge on equipment and machinery
  • Full inventory control with our computerized maintenance management system
  • Improved working environment, including task management and timekeeping
  • Secure data exchange between vessels, on shore and when in dry dock

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A Fleet CMMS includes various functions to optimize and plan your maintenance management to create greater fleet efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership. SERTICA supports scheduled maintenance, fleet preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and condition-based maintenance that is encompassed within one overall maintenance management system.

Plan and execute your jobs based on an advanced job list, which also shows the relations between jobs. Get an overview of inventory and components, which can be moved between vessels to reduce costs. Follow and act on your maintenance history and reduce downtime on equipment.


Designed for integration across fleets of different sizes, the SERTICA system is fully equipped to cope with the demands of small business and large corporations alike. With a robust engine that operates even in the most unstable of conditions, SERTICA gives operators complete peace of mind knowing that they have a CMMS that they can trust and depend on.

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