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A unique tool developed to extract and analyze any relevant combination of data from SERTICA. Identify areas for cost savings and new opportunities for your business

This integral part of our procurement software enables you to focus on areas that need attention with comprehensive analysis. What would take the fleet manager weeks to analyze takes our procurement software a matter of minutes.

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Manage a variety of tasks through a mobile device with the SERTICA apps: Inspection, Job, Stock and Approval. Reduce the time in front of the computer and complete tasks with a few clicks.

At SERTICA, we are always looking to take our shipping procurement software one step further. By integrating apps with our software, you have easier access, reducing paper waste and streamlining processes even further than before. Set up your team with the apps to keep everyone in sync no matter where they are or what job they are doing.

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Plan and monitor budgets and expenses for the entire fleet from the main office. Make individual vessel budgets and forecasts based on input from each vessel

Keep your costs low and competitive while easily maintaining and monitoring your profits. With our procurement software you can have an instant overview of your fleet’s current financial standings at your fingertips at any time.

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Data Synchronisation

Synchronize information between ship and shore in an optimized and secure way. Experience a system of accurate and timely data alignment, which synchronizes automatically.

No more costly time delays that leave your crew waiting for an update or making decisions based on outdated information. Instant access to up-to-date information ensures your fleet business operates as a whole with the procurement software and not as individual vessels.  

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Document Management

Efficient workflow to create, revise, review, approve and publish documents. Organize, manage and distribute documents safely and efficiently between office and vessel without creating conflicting versions.

The maritime procurement software ensures no more missing files and instant access for all.  

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Dynamic Dashboard

Design your own dashboards and achieve a graphical overview of your most important KPIs. A great management and follow-up tool with a modern and structured layout of information.

You are in control of our shipping procurement software, allowing you to use what you need and not be distracted by elements that are irrelevant. Customizing your software will further enhance your business processes and keep your team on task at all times. Our software is very simple, so implementation and training of invoice control or management of RFQ is relatively easy.

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Fleet Supervision

A unique office database with a 100% accurate copy of all vessel databases. This allows you to access each individual vessel database instantaneously, as well as assessing data across all vessels.

A unique office database with a 100% accurate copy of all vessel databases. This allows you to access each individual vessel database instantaneously, as well as assessing data across all vessels. Update the database through the shipping procurement software to ensure that everyone will have up to date information instantly across all computers and mobile devices.


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Inventory Management

Manage information about components, locations, jobs, history, certificates and spare parts effectively in an inventory management system. You get the perfect overview of your inventory, which is essential in relation to maintenance and procurement processes.

Our innovative design of the procurement software prevents your inventories from being excessive and hard to manage – which is often the case with paper inventories and outdated software models. Search quickly and efficiently for what you need, when you need it.

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Invoice Management

Manage the entire workflow and reduce the manual handasdasd

Keep your crew, suppliers and customers happy with quick invoice management via our procurement software.

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Access the system to enter delivery information and print all necessary documentation for shipments. The fleet has complete access to logistic and shipment information.

No more lost files and forgotten deliveries when everyone on the team can access, redownload and print files straight from the procurement software.

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To complete the paperless purchasing processes from vessel to supplier, SERTICA offers a web-based supplier portal, SERTICA Connect. Buyer and supplier are connected in a one-on-one private communication process regarding pricing and delivery details.

It connects seamlessly with our maritime procurement software and enables clear, secure communication without misunderstandings and lost messages.

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Supplier Qualifications

Enable purchasers to evaluate and negotiate with suppliers based on a combination of quantity and quality-based data. A number of quality-based data is defined in SERTICA including, but not limited to, quoting, ordering and deliver process evaluations. These allow and support supplier classification and automatically generates reminders

within the procurement software to keep your staff on the ball and up-to-date.

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Synchronize data between SERTICA and other third-party systems to increase the level of automation. As an example, you can synchronize to your ERP system, crewing, HR and data warehouses.

From requisition to payment, the entire procurement process is streamlined via our shipping procurement software.

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Task List

A central to-do list for technical staff to complete advanced planning and resource optimization. Get an easy overview of all tasks – both on individual vessel and fleet level.

Manage these to-do lists for all your crew to ensure everyone is working efficiently and to schedule at the same time.

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