Vessel Performance Management

SERTICA Performance includes various reports to identify factors affecting your vessels’ operating expenditure such as noon reporting, consumption reports and off-hire reports.

Receive a monthly status on your fleet's performance and react on issues concerning vessel, hull and engine. It includes validation of input, info on each individual vessel and forms on job. Benefits include:

• Performance monitoring
• Fuel savings
• Reduced emissions
• Fleet overview
• Reduced maintenance costs
• Compliance with regulations
• Reduced OPEX
• Optimized efficiency and reduced TCO


The only solution you need

SERTICA is the market’s most dynamic and flexible system for optimizing performance of an individual vessel or an entire fleet.

Our all-in-one approach means that you can easily plan, execute and monitor the entire process in one system. If a report shows that maintenance is required, you can create a job in the planned maintenance module with links to the report, job description, instruction manual and safety instructions. This enables you to plan maintenance efficiently and reduce off-hire.

Module Overview


A unique tool developed to extract and analyze any relevant combination of data from SERTICA. Identify areas for cost savings and new opportunities for your business Go to Analytics

Data Synchronisation

Synchronize information between ship and shore in an optimized and secure way. Experience a system of accurate and timely data alignment, which synchronizes automatically. Go to Data Synchronisation

Diesel Management

Validate actual diesel performance of the engine against base line data to investigate how to reduce fuel consumption, maintenance costs, downtime and emissions. Go to Diesel Management

Document Management

Efficient workflow to create, revise, review, approve and publish documents. Organize, manage and distribute documents safely and efficiently between office and vessel without creating conflicting versions. Go to Document Management

Dynamic Dashboard

Design your own dashboards and achieve a graphical overview of your most important KPIs. A great management and follow-up tool with a modern and structured layout of information. Go to Dynamic Dashboard

Fleet Supervision

A unique office database with a 100% accurate copy of all vessel databases. This allows you to access each individual vessel database instantaneously, as well as assessing data across all vessels. Go to Fleet Supervision


Synchronize data between SERTICA and other third-party systems to increase the level of automation. As an example, you can synchronize to your ERP system, crewing, HR and data warehouses. Go to SYNC

Task List

A central to-do list for technical staff to complete advanced planning and resource optimization. Get an easy overview of all tasks – both on vessel and fleet level. Go to Task List

Vessel Reporting System

Report a wide range of data and reports, such as hull performance, fuel-and lube oil consumption, bunkers, off-hire time and voyage statistics, to optimize overall vessel performance. Go to Vessel Reporting System
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