Dry Dock

The Dry Dock module is a solid tool designed for shipping companies to control dockings. Planning dry-dock projects are often time consuming and considered the most expensive and complex maintenance event. This module connects the needs of the vessel, office and vendors seamlessly in SERTICA, and plans all the tasks required when ships are in Dry Dock. Both standard dry dock jobs and additional dry dock jobs can be registered and assigned to the dock list.

The entire process from first offer to planning to execution and evaluation is managed in the same efficient tool. The docking project is planned according to the existing maintenance jobs registered in SERTICA. This means that already existing maintenance jobs can be transferred to the docking from the normal maintenance schedule for vessel. If a docking job needs to be repeated, it is possible to reuse a job or the entire dock list, thereby saving time. 

It is easy to get offers from multiple shipyards and the results can be combined with the opportunity for the crew to do tasks themselves, just as the shipping company can deliver spare parts to the shipyard by themselves.

Hours, spare parts, and costs can continuously be registered during the docking process. When the docking is finalized, the process can be evaluated and the actual costs can be compared with the estimated budget.

All of this is managed directly in SERTICA, which helps to preserve the overview of the project. This provides the inspectors with an ideal tool to support a busy workday.

Key Features

  • Plan and perform Dry Dock projects
  • Create standardized task descriptions for the Shipyard in Word and PDF
  • Change normal jobs into dock jobs and vice versa
  • Reuse docking lists – all users have access to all dockings
  • Access spare parts and supplier library
  • Integrate with requisitions, job management and procurement
  • Exchange price inquiries in Excel and automatic import
  • Compare prices from suppliers and shipyards


  • Transparent process with solid documentation
  • Reduced time and costs in maintenance projects
  • Unplanned off-hire can be avoided 
  • Controlled budget and cost
  • Effective planning and reporting
  • No more planning in excel


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